The XCOM Squad is a Gunpowder unit available in the Information Era.


Recognizing the potential threat from Giant Death Robots, aliens, and other external threats, the XCOM Initiative was born to protect the populace from enemies known, and unknown.


The XCOM Squad is an elite team of soldiers based on the technology pioneered by the XCOM Initiative. When starting the turn in friendly territory this squad can be dropped up to 40 tiles away. Deploy these units into areas where the danger level is out of this world.

With high combat strength (100) that is only matched by the Modern Armorand outmatched by the Giant Death Robot, the XCOM Squad is the strongest unit requiring no resources. Contrary to the other two units, they can use defense, meaning they can form a solid defensive line. However, they lack the mobility of the other powerful late-game units.

XCOM Squads have the ability to paradrop 40 hexes away, making them fantastic for diversions. One or a few of these units can paradrop far into enemy land to attack weakly defended cities or pillage the area, giving them time to destroy strategic resources and debilitate opposing players' armies before the bulk of their forces can arrive. They can also quickly reach a defensive position, which lets them use their high strength to delay enemy forces at a choke point. And of course, paradropping allows them to quickly reinforce your frontline.

Although their combat strength is high, they can still be beaten, notably by the Giant Death Robot (which is also much more mobile), or by less advanced units that have ranged support. This may put them in danger if they are unable to retreat. Also, be aware that they cannot drop into hexes that are not under observation by friendly units.

Unique Unit Replacements

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities

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