The Worker is a Civilian unit available from the start of the game.


To survive, a civilization needs skilled workers. They may be highly trained engineers, or civilians conscripted into labor - or, indeed, slaves - but someone has to dig the mines, plant the fields and pave the roads. Without these men and women, a civilization will stagnate and eventually fall prey to a more vigorous neighbor. 


The Worker is vital for a civilization. It builds all sorts of improvements like Farms and Mines that give access to resources and improve tile productivity. It also constructs roads and railroads to connect the cities, both in an empire and city-states. Finally, it can repair damaged improvements. While Workers cannot be gifted to a city-state, they can perform tasks such as repairing pillaged tiles in one.

The Worker is a civilian unit. While it can clear a vacant barbarian encampment, it cannot defend itself, so accompany it with a military unit when it is in dangerous territory.

Unique Unit Replacements


Art by Sukritact

Bullock Cart - Harappa (Went-Antu)
Unitflag bullockcart

  • +1 Moves Movement
  • Earns Gold Gold for improving Luxury Resources
  • May Trade Luxury Goods to satisfy 'We Love the King Day' requests with resources in Neutral or Friendly territory (Earning Gold may only trigger once per map tile)

Art by Sukritact

Fisher - Caral (Qhapaq)
Unitflag fisher

  • Also replaces the Work Boat
  • May improve both land and sea tiles (does not consume)
  • May embark immediately
  • +2 Moves Movement when embarked
  • May build Fishing Boats prior to researching Sailing (Still requires Sailing to trade these resources)

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