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Su Nuraxi
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Eleanor of Arborea
The Nuraghians lead by Sardus is a custom civilization by Danmacsch, with contributions from Rob (R8XFT), Scapegrace and Kerfuffle.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Nuraghians

The Nuraghians were a civilisation of Sardinia, lasting from the Bronze Age (18th century BC) to the 2nd century AD and is undoubtedly the most important autonomous cultural expression about ancient Sardinia. The Nuragic civilisation is autochthonous, namely an indigenous civilisation formed in Sardinia by populations rooted on the island for thousands of years. It is based on the experiences of immediately preceding pre-Nuragic cultures. Since Sardinia is a large island, it was able to accommodate and sustain for at least 5000 years, sometimes in close contact with the surrounding world and at others in conditions of relative isolation, the development of prehistoric neolithic people dedicated to agriculture and farming and those of the Copper Age and early Bronze Age (about 7000-1600 BC). Soon Sardinia, a land rich in mines, notably copper and lead, saw the construction of numerous furnaces for the production of alloys which were traded across the Mediterranean basin and nuragic people became skilled metal workers; they were among the main metal producers in Europe and with bronze they produced a wide variety of objects and new weapons as swords, daggers, axes, and after drills, pins, rings, bracelets, typical bronze statuettes, and the votive bronze boats show a close relationship with the sea. Markets included civilizations living in regions with poor metal resources, such as the Mycenaean civilization, Cyprus and Crete, as well as the Iberian peninsula, a fact that can explain the cultural similarities between them and the Nuraghe civilization and the presence in Nuragic sites of late Bronze Age Mycenaean, west and central Cretan and Cypriote ceramics, as well as locally made replicas, concentrated in half a dozen findspots that seem to have functioned as gateway-communities.


Sardus, also known as Sid Addir or Sardus Pater, was an ancient mythological hero of the Nuragic mythology. He appears in the writings of Sallust and Pausanias. According to Sallust, Sardus son of Hercules, left Libya along with a great multitude of men and occupied the island Sardinia, the island later called by his name. Later Pausanias confirms the story of Sallust and in the second century B.C. writes that Sardus was the son of Makeris (identificable with Melqart, the Libyan Hercules) and that the island of Sardinia changed is name from Ichnusa to Sardinia in honor of Sardus.

Dawn of Man

Glory to you, most powerful Sardus, Hero-God of The Nuraghians. From the island of Sardinia, the Nuragic Tribes spread their influence, primarily throughout the mediterranean, but also as far north as Scandinavia. Building great complex architectural constructions, whereof the iconic Nuraghi are best known, the Nuraghians could hold off enemy attackers, build up their cultural society and pay tributes the mysterious Nuragic divinities. Divinities that are mostly unknown to this day, since Carthaginian and Roman conquests in the late 1st millennium BC marked the end of the Nuragic golden age.

Nuragic leaderscene

Art by Rob (R8XFT)

Sardus, Hero-God, once more you must show the world the Nuraghians' greatness, your sacred ways and architectual prowess. Fate has chosen you to build up the Nuragic civilization anew. Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Welcome to the islands of Sardegna. You stand before the greatest hero of the Nuraghians, Sardus. State your business - and fast if you value your life."

Introduction: "Greetings from The Nuraghians. I am Sardus, hero-god of the great Nuragic tribes. Are you worthy of our friendship?"

Defeat: "Bury me with the Giants as I am one of them, and forever I will doom the earth and water underneath your feet."

Unique Attributes

The Nuraghians (Sardus)
Nuragic Sardus icon

Art by Rob (R8XFT)

Season of the Aristocracies

Copper, Silver and Gold sources provide double quantity, and military units gain +5% Strength Combat Strength for each of these resources traded to another Civilization (up to 25%).

Nuraghe icon wikia

Art by Danmacsch

Nuraghe (Granary)
  • +33% Production Production cost (80 vs 60)
  • +1 additional Food Food from Sheep and Cattle
  • Garrisoned ranged units gain +1 Range
Nuragic ipogeo icon wikia

Art by Danmacsch

  • Unlocked at Masonry
  • Must be built adjacent to fresh water, and not next to another Ipogeo
  • +3 FaithIcon Faith
  • Receive a FaithIcon Faith boost when an adjacent enemy unit is killed
City List
  1. Su Nuraxi
  2. Losa
  3. Tibula
  4. Nora
  5. Palmavera
  6. Seruci
  7. Santu Antine
  8. Macumère
  9. Arrubiu
  10. Ertas
  11. Rio Ena
  12. Mandras
  13. Tamuli
  14. Crabia
  15. Aresti
  16. Sceri
  17. Sulci
  18. Serbissi
  19. Affogua
  20. Su Mulinu
  21. Narocci
  22. Su Arci
  23. Muromoi
  24. Murru Moi
  25. Piliu
  26. Carroccia
Spy List
  • Aichilensi
  • Tibulati
  • Solcitani
  • Siculesi
  • Scapitani
  • Parati
  • Rucensi
  • Cunusitani
  • Uddadhaddari
  • Moddoli


Nuragic civ icon wikia


Peace Theme War Theme
saraceni acustic folk music Sardinia Ernesto De Martino The Olympic Carrier - Battlestar Galactica Season One OST by by Bear McCreary

Mod Support

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions

Construct the Giants of Mont'e Prama

The Nuragic aristocracy has always worked to ensure peace between the different Nuragic Tribes, paving the way for the strong alliances and unity we know today. Let us construct in their honour statues more beautiful than the world has ever seen.

  • Player must be the Nuraghians
  • Must have researched Masonry
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • 400 Gold Gold
  • 1 Magistrates Magistrates


  • Starts a 'We Love The Kings Day' in the Capital
  • Construct the Giants of Mont'e Prama in the Capital Capital
Giants of Mont'e Prama
  • Has 1 slot for an Engineer specialist
  • Starts a We Love the King Day whenever a World Wonder is built

Implement New Mining Techniques

Throughout centuries we have had a proud tradition of use of Copper. But our mining techniques are outdated, and so we would benefit greatly from implementing the use of more effective mining equipment.


  • Player must be the Nuraghians
  • Must have researched Bronze working
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • CultureIcon Culture Cost dependent on your current Culture Output
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrate


  • A source of Copper, Silver or Gold appears within working range of your Capital
  • Mines produce +1 Production Production

Rumor of Sea People

The City-State of [City-State] has recently experienced multiple attacks committed by a people called The Sherden. Now rumors in the City-State claim that this People are in fact of Nuragic origin. How should we react?

Option 1: Let's send a tribute quickly to ensure them of our innocence in this.

  • Lose between 100 and 250 Gold Gold
  • Gain between 20 and 50 Influence Influence with [City-State]

Option 2: The rumor is true! And since they have learned our secret, we might as well continue! ARGH!!

  • Lose 60 Influence Influence with [City-State]
  • Receive two Triremes with the Coastal Raider I and Coastal Raider II promotions

Note: For this option to be available, the player must at least one Coastal City.

Option 3: Let them say what they want - it is of no concern to us.

  • Nothing

Note: This event cannot fire after the Medieval Era. The player must have at least 250 Gold. The player must have researched Astronomy. The player must have met at least one Maritime City-State.

Foreign interests in our Nuraghe structures

Foreign nations have shown interest in our architectural impressive Nuraghe structures. What shall we make of this?

Option 1: Let us sell the rights to excavate the Nuraghi.

  • Lose a lump of CultureIcon Culture.
  • Gain 50 Gold Gold per Nuraghe within your empire.

Option 2: Let us use the Nuraghe as symbols of our religion.

  • Lose a lump of CultureIcon Culture.
  • Receive 40 FaithIcon Faith per Nuraghe within your empire.

Option 3: Let us examine these old structures ourselves.

  • Lose a lump of Gold Gold .
  • Receive 10 Greatperson Great Engineer Points per Nuraghe within your Empire

Option 4: Let's do nothing.

  • Nothing

Note: This event cannot fire after the Renaissance Era. Player must have built at least 2 Nuraghi.

Pretender to the throne

A local chieftain by the name of Norax has been spreading lies, saying that his claim as leader of the Nuragic people is better than your own. It seems the people of [City] is backing his claim. What shall we do?

Option 1: Let us try reasoning with this Norax. Otherwise we can pay him to be quiet.

  • Lose between 0 and 400 Gold Gold.
  • Starts a short 'We Love The King Day' in all your cities.

Option 2: Arrange for Norax to have an 'accident', even of the people of [City] see through it.

  • [City] enters Anarchy for between 1 and 10 turns.
  • Gain CultureIcon Culture equal to half the cost of your next policy.

Option 3: Ignore him. He won't act unless provoked.

  • Nothing.

Option 4: Burn the whole city to the ground as a lesson to all who might have similar ideas.

  • [City] is instantly burned to the ground.
  • Gain between 0 and 400 Gold Gold.
  • Gain CultureIcon Culture equal to half the cost of your next policy.
  • Starts a Goldenage Golden Age.

Note: Player must have built at least 2 cities with a low population. Player must have at least 400 Gold Gold.

Claims, Colonies, and Crimes

Colony List
  1. Venacini
  2. Cilebensi
  3. Marcini
  4. Opini
  5. Cumanesi
  6. Subasani
  7. Belatoni
  8. Titiani
  9. Tarabeni
  10. Sumbri
  11. Licinini
  12. Cervini

Unique Cultural Influence

"Our people are now buying your casu marzu and trying to master the instrument launeddas. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List

Dropbox Download
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 7
Last Updated: 29 May 2015

  • Danmacsh: Design, Code, Icons, Text, Mod Support
  • Spacegrace: Design
  • Rob (R8XFT): Leaderscreen
  • Kerfuffle: Map
  • Stolenrays: Original Ipogeo model

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