This is a project I'm building to bring a more developed version of this Mod (though I've played versions vbefored they weren't well pullished), the truth is I'm new to modding so I'll be working to get around this issue...Any Hepl Will Be Apretiated! :) 

In Progress: 

Component 1
Component 2
Special Feature
Air Nomads emblem
The Air Nomads  Gyatso Sky Bison (Scout) Air Temple (Temple) Element of Freedom
Water Tribe emblem
The Water Tribe Arnook Cutter Sailing Ship (Trireme) Ice Lighthouse (Lighthouse) Element of Change
Earth Kingdom emblem
The Earth Kingdom Hou-Ting Dai Li (Swordman) Ba-Sing-se Walls (Walls) Element of Substance
Fire Nation emblem
The Fire Nation Sozin ???? ???? Element of Power

Future Projects:

  • Republic City as a City-State
  • New World Wonders
  • Religions (Ocean/Moon Spirits, Fire Sages, etc)

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