Production Cost 100
Maintenance 2
Unlocked at Philosophy
The Temple is a building available in the Classical Era.

Game Info

Building a Temple requires a Shrine or any of its replacements.

  • +2 FaithIcon Faith

With Social Policies / Tenets:

  • Organized Religion (Piety): +1 additional FaithIcon Faith
  • Theocracy (Piety): +25% Gold Gold

With Religious Beliefs:

  • Feed the World (Follower): +1 Food Food
  • Choral Music (Follower): +2 CultureIcon Culture if there are 5 followers
  • Religious Center (Follower): +2 Happy Happiness if there are 5 followers


A temple is a religious building where the faithful can come together to worship. Such buildings show that a community is fairly wealthy as well as pious, since it can afford to construct a special structure and feed and clothe the priests, acolytes, vestal virgins, or monks within. In many early cultures each family would have a small shrine in their own dwelling; the oldest known separate temple dates from the 10th millennium BC and is located in southeastern Turkey.

Unique Building Replacements

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Bisericile Romania (Vlad III)
  • +2 CultureIcon Culture
  • Automatically constructs/repairs Improvements
Bogomilian Church Bosnia (Tvrtko I)
  • +1 Happy Happiness
  • Grants a free Missionary when built
Burial Tomb Egypt (Ramesses II)
  • +2 Happy Happiness
  • No maintenance cost
  • Doubles Gold Gold acquired when the city is captured
Chapel Papal States (Pius IX)
  • Up to 3 may be built per city
  • Has a Greatwork Great Work slot that yields +2 FaithIcon Faith when filled
Chedi Lanna (Mengrai)
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture and +1 FaithIcon Faith from Plantations
Chorten Tibet (Songtsän Gampo)
  • Generates points towards upgrading itself
    • These points are generated by religious followers, mountains, and Great Works
    • Each upgrade increases its yields
Church Papal States (Gregory XIII)
  • +1 additional FaithIcon Faith
  • +1 Artist Slot
EklesiaIcon Wikia
Eklesia Georgia (David IV)
  • +1 Additional FaithIcon Faith
  • City exerts 50% more religious pressure
Fortified Church Wallachia (Vlad III)
  • Unlocks at Construction.
  • Does not require a Shrine.
  • Provides free Walls in this city.
  • Enemy Units within two tiles of this city have -10% Strength Combat Strength.
Gurdwara Punjab (Ranjit Singh)
  • +1 Food Food
  • +1 additional Food Food per Religion present in the city
  • No maintenance
Heiau Hawaii (Kamehameha)
  • Gives a random Specialist when built
Kurgan Tomb Scythia (Ateas)
  • +5XP for all existing Units
  • Grants Ancient Ruins bonus if the City is captured
Mandir India (Gandhi)

(With the India Civilization Pack)

  • +1 FaithIcon Faith per 2 Citizens
IconPNG Mazar
Mazar The Fatimids (al-Mu'izz)
  • Contains a Scientist specialist slot
  • Grants +2 FaithIcon Faith for each Academy worked by its city
Mound Temple The Mississippi (Tuskaloosa)
  • Provides FaithIcon Faith and Science Science based on the latitude of the City[1]
  • Centers the equator on the world map
  • No Gold Gold Maintenance
Misiones Paraguay (Gaspar Rodriguez)
  • Has 1 Greatwork Great Work of Music slot
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture if the empire has a Jungle tile
Mud Pyramid Mosque Songhai (Askia)
  • +2 CultureIcon Culture
  • No maintenance cost
Serapeum The Ptolemies (Ptolemy Soter)
  • +2 CultureIcon Culture and +1 Happy Happiness in conquered cities
  • Spawns a military unit from the previous Era upon the outbreak of war
Shul Khazaria (Bulan)
  • Unlocked at Currency
  • +1 Gold Gold from Trade Routes for every 2 followers of your Religion
  • No maintenance cost
Sieidi The Sámi (Eadni)
  • Reveals up to 3 Sieidi improvements
  • Each Sieidi Improvement grants +2 CultureIcon Culture and +2 FaithIcon Faith
Sobor Muscovy (Ivan IV)
  • Eliminates Unhappiness Unhappiness from Occupied cities
  • Reduces cost of acquiring tiles by the city's FaithIcon Faith output
Stave Church Norway (Haakon Haakonsson)
  • Stores Food Food whenever a new Citizen is born equal to the city's FaithIcon Faith output
  • Does not require a Shrine
Templum Solis Rome (Aurelian)
  • City automatically adopts your Pantheon upon construction
  • Converts followers until a Religion is spread to the Capital
  • +1 Happy Happiness from Pantheon followers when built in the Capital
Vank Armenia (Tiridates III)
  • Has a Greatwork Great Work of Art slot that converts 20% of the population to your Religion
  • +2 FaithIcon Faith if the city is near a mountain
YazidiShrineIcon Wikia
Yazidi Shrine Kurdistan (Barzanji)
  • Built 20% faster in cities with at least 2 religions
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture for each religion present in the empire
Ziggurat Sumer (Eannatum)
  • Has 1 Science Scientist Specialist slot
  • +1 FaithIcon Faith from Scientist Specialists in the City
Air Temple Air Nomads (Gyatso)
  • Provides +2% Food Food Growth for every citizen (max 20%)
  • Provides +4% FaithIcon Food Growth for every citizen (max 40%)
  • Provides +25% Strength Defense to it's city.

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