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Tahiti led by Purea is a custom civilisation by LastSword[1], with contributions from hokath.

This mod requires Gods and Kings & Brave New World.



The first Tahitians arrived in about 200 BCE, after a long migration from South East Asia or Indonesia, via the Fijian, Samoan and Tongan Archipelagos. This hypothesis of an emigration from South East Asia is supported by a number of linguistic, biological and archaeological proofs. For example, the languages of Fiji and Polynesia all belong to the same Oceanic sub-group, Fijian-Polynesian, which itself forms part of the great family of the Austronesian Languages.


Purea, known formally as Te Vahine Airoro atua i Ahurai i Farepua in the geneaologies of the Papara family of Ar’i Ta’ima’i, was the second daughter of Teri’i Vaetua, the ari’i rahi, or paramount chief of the Fa’a’a district. By ancestral lineage Purea’s father also enjoyed a high-ranking status on the neighbouring island of Mo’orea. Her mother was Te Vahine Airoroau’a (also known in ancestral traditions as Te Ari’i o Maeva Rau). Purea was consequently the sister of Te Pau i Ahurai, who from birth inherited the highest title in Fa’a’a from their father.

Dawn of Man

Oh Wonderous Purea, we feel your great soul as we stand before you! Born the second daughter, you would never see the seat of your father. Though it was your destiny to rule paradise, you would not do so by slaying your sister. No, your machinations were grander still. You married another powerful chief and bore him a son. Playing upon the traditions and beliefs of your people, you sought to bestow Godhood on your child, making him the avatar of Oro and surely the lord of all Tahiti! But your plan was not to be. Your rahui ritual provoked war, and you were forced to flee, never able to gain the support you needed to reclaim your lands.

Brilliant and Great Purea, the peoples of Tahiti unite under you! The world is new, and only you know the secrets required to build paradise on Earth. Will you complete the ritual you started, and summon the war God? Will you spread the beauty of paradise throughout these lands? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?


Leaderscene by LastSword

Introduction: "Maeva, traveller from the Moana! Let's celebrate our meeting with Tamurei, the ritual dance! Pahu and Himene!"

Introduction: "I am princess Purea. Welcome to the neverending dream called Tahiti, where the people do not know the meaning of sorrow."

Defeat: "Was a paradise on Earth such a dishonour to you and your beliefs that you came here to destroy it?"

Defeat: "If only my warriors hadn't been out of mana, the winds of war wouldn't have been in your flavour!"



Unique Attributes

Tahiti (Purea)

Art by LastSword

Paradise Found

The first founded coastal city on each landmass receives +15% more Food Food.


Art by LastSword

Pahi (Trireme)
  • Can Improve Sea Resources
  • Can Change Port

Art by LastSword

Tipairua (Settler)
  • Can embark into deep Ocean immediately.
  • +1 Sight when embarked.
  • Before Astronomy, ending a turn on deep Ocean will throw the Tipairua onto a random Coast tile.


Peace Theme War Theme
Civilization V OST - Gajah Mada Peace Theme - Udan Mas03:37

Civilization V OST - Gajah Mada Peace Theme - Udan Mas

Civilization V OST - Gajah Mada War Theme - Udan Mas03:04

Civilization V OST - Gajah Mada War Theme - Udan Mas

"Gajah Mada Peace Theme" from the soundtrack of Civilization V. "Gajah Mada War Theme" from the soundtrack of Civilization V.

Mod Support

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World
With Patch

Full Credits List

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: BNW v. 13
Last Updated: 5th May 2015

  • hokath: Text.
  • LastSword: All else.

Notes and References

  1. LS Civilization Set

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