Production Cost 500
Maintenance 2
Unlocked at Refrigeration
The Stadium is a building available in the Modern Era.

Game Info

Building a Stadium requires a Zoo or any of its replacements.

  • +2 Happy Happiness


A stadium is a modern version of a colosseum, probably with a better selection of snacks. Modern stadiums hold upwards of 100,000 screaming fans watching a sports event, concert, or perhaps a political rally. Modern sports enthusiasts are not noticeably more sedate than their Classical Age ancestors, and today's stadiums come equipped with fences, guard rails, and loads of security guards for rampaging fans.

Unique Building Replacements

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Muntanya Resort Andorra (Roger-Bernard III)
  • +1 additional Happiness
  • Converts 34% of Culture from Landmarks, Wonders, and Great Works to Tourism
  • Requires hills

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