Nils Dacke
Start Bias
Avoid Plains and Desert
Smolandia is lead by Nils Dacke.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Dawn of Man

Honor and glory be yours, Nils Dacke, leader of Smolandia. Your nation lies in the vast, cold North, surrounded by Sweden. Being tired of the centralized power of Sweden, Nils Dacke lead the revolution for Smolandias' independance. After the successful revolution other people in Sweden concidered declaring their own independance. Surrounded by Sweden, Denmark was the only choice for Smolandia to cooperate with, but can you defend your country against the Swedes?

Honoured leader Dacke, your people calls for you once more time! You are called to unite Smolandia once again standing strong against her enemies! Will you lead your nation to greatness? Will you build a civilization to stand the test of time?   


Unique Attributes

Smolandia (Nils Dacke)
Great Botanist

Free garden in every city and +1 CultureIcon Culture for every unimproved worked forest tile.

Forrest Crossbowmen (Crossbowmen)

Unique unit for Smolandia. Big advantage in forests due to the +5 % Strength Combat Strength in forest tiles.

Kalmar Castle (Castle)

Kalmar Castle is a unique building for Smolandia. It replaces Castle and provides additional 1 CultureIcon Culture. It also gives +5 % Strength Combat Strength to friendly units fighting in an unimproved forest tile.

City List
  1. Växjö
  2. Jönköping
  3. Kalmar
  4. Västervik
  5. Värnamo
  6. Oskarshamn
  7. Nässjö
  8. Ljungby
  9. Tranås
  10. Vetlanda
  11. Nybro
  12. Gislaved
  13. Eksjö
  14. Älmhult
  15. Bankeryd
  16. Alvesta
  17. Vimmerby
  18. Lindsdal
  19. Hultsfred
  20. Sävsjö
Spy List
  • Lars
  • Johan
  • Per
  • Gunnar
  • Sven
  • Carl
  • Maria
  • Anna
  • Eva
  • Kristina


Peace Theme War Theme

Mod Support

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