Shang Dynasty
Map by Tomatekh
Wu Ding
Religious Intolerance
Imperialistic, Industrious
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East Asian
Magical Girl
Fu Hao
Shang led by Wu Ding is a custom by Tomatekh with contributions from Janboruta and tmxk2012917.

An early build of Shang was previously available as a bonus ability in Tomatekh's Xia mod.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The first recorded Chinese dynasty for which there is both documentary and archaeological evidence, the Shang or Yin Dynasty was the reputed successor to semi-legendary Xia Dynasty. The period of the dynasty's rule has traditionally been dated 1766 - 1122 BC; however, more recent archaeological work place these dates closer to 1600 - 1046 BC. It was in this period that Chinese writing began to develop as well as the advancement of the calendar for both lunar and solar cycles. Pottery, jade carvings, and bronze work are among the most notable surviving artifacts, the latter primarily serving a ceremonial function.

Wu Ding

Wu Ding was the 21st or 23rd king of the Shang Dynasty, living around 1200 BC. His reign was both the longest of the Shang kings and the earliest verifiable Chinese kingship for which there is both documentary and archaeological evidence. Ruling for 59 years, he demonstrated concern for the people while respecting and recruiting virtuous and capable people for his administration, paving the way for the heyday of the Shang dynasty. He is praised as a leader of dynastic revival and as a model for the enlightened ruler found in later Confucian thought. Wu Ding is widely regarded as one of the greatest kings of the Shang Dynasty.

Dawn of Man


Leaderscene by Janboruta

Revered and auspicious Wu Ding, Shaman King of the Shang Dynasty, may the blessing of Heaven forever approve of your reign! As the scattered tribes of the Yellow River entered into history, the Shang Dynasty emerged as the cornerstone of Chinese civilization. A pious and warlike state, the Shang quickly united much of the North China Plain. Yet, under their rule writing, science, and art would also flourish. The complex bronze work first seen at Erlitou would evolve and join intricate carvings of jade, while the first extensive corpus of Chinese writing would develop as kings attempted to divine the heavens. Yet, the dynastic cycle was ever turning. As the Zhou state began to grow in power to the west, so too did the golden age of the Shang Dynasty begin to fade into legend.

Gaozong, the bones that were cast have cracked favorably! It is the will of Heaven that you return and once more lead the Huaxia to greatness. Can you restore the glory of your fallen dynasty? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: Greetings! I am Wu, King of Yin. Let us cast bones and divine if Heaven approves of this meeting.

Introduction: I am Wu Ding, leader of the Huaxia and King of Shang! What business do barbarians have in my kingdom?

Defeat: A turtle shell foretold of this defeat! It was foolish to think I could defy the will of Heaven.

Defeat: To think I would lose the approval of Heaven to one as unjust and dishonorable as yourself!

Unique Attributes

Shang (Wu Ding)

Art by Janboruta

Oracle Bones

Great People may sacrifice a Pasture based Resource to receive a random bonus effect and create a Greatwork Great Work of Writing (this consumes both the Unit and the Resource).[1]


Art by Tomatekh

Ya (Spearman)
  • Can Capture Great People.
  • +15% Combat Strength if all of your Cities are following the same Religion.

Art by Tomatekh

Dragon Bone Pit (Shrine)
  • Has 1 slot for a Greatwork Great Work of Writing.
  • When filled: Increases the Religious Pressure of the City by +20%.
Shaman Artifact Bonus
Da Yi Oracle Bone Bonus FaithIcon Faith. +1 Citizen Population in all Cities.
Da Ding Cracked Dragon Bone Bonus FaithIcon Faith. A 'We Love the King Day' is triggered in your Capital Capital.
Da Jia Dragon Bone Bonus FaithIcon Faith. All current military Units gain +X XP.[2]
Da Geng Dog Scapula Bonus FaithIcon Faith.
Da Wu Cracked Turtle Shell 0.5x Bonus FaithIcon Faith. X infantry Units appear near your Capital Capital.
Zhong Ding Ox Scapula Bonus FaithIcon Faith. A Holy Site is built on the Resource plot.
Zu Yi Cracked Ox Humerus Bonus FaithIcon Faith. All current Cities will generate +X CultureIcon Culture until your next sacrifice.
Zu Xin Turtle Plastron 0.5x Bonus FaithIcon Faith. The empire enters a Goldenage Golden Age.
Zu Ding Cracked Turtle Plastron Bonus FaithIcon Faith. All rival Civilizations enter X turns of Anarchy.
Xiao Yi Ox Rib 0.5x Bonus FaithIcon Faith. 1 Free Technology.
Zu Jia Cracked Ox Rib Bonus FaithIcon Faith. +X Influence Influence with all met City-States.[3]
Kang Ding Deer Skull Bonus FaithIcon Faith. Production Production is hurried in the Capital Capital.
Wu Jia Cracked Ox Scapula 0.5x Bonus FaithIcon Faith. +2 Jade.
Wen Ding Horse Scapula Bonus FaithIcon Faith. A Scientific Building is constructed in your nearest City.[4]
Di Yi Boar Scapula Bonus FaithIcon Faith. A source of Deer and a Tuo Ma appear near your Capital Capital.
Di Xin Ox Skull Bonus FaithIcon Faith. Farms provide an additional +1 Food Food for the next X turns.
Bu Bing Deer Scapula 0.5x Bonus FaithIcon Faith. +X Gold Gold.
Lu Ji Cracked Deer Skull Bonus FaithIcon Faith. Barbarian troops spawn inside your borders.
Qiang Jia Cracked Oracle Bone Bonus FaithIcon Faith. +5 Happy Happiness in your Capital Capital for X turns.
Nan Geng Cracked Boar Scapula Bonus FaithIcon Faith. Mines provide an additional +1 Production Production for the next X turns.
Zhen Ding Cracked Ox Skull 0.5x Bonus FaithIcon Faith. Receive an additional Spy.
Ji Danfu Human Skull Bonus FaithIcon Faith. A Settler appears near your Capital Capital.
Feng Xin Human Scapula 0.5x Bonus FaithIcon Faith. Make peace with Barbarians until your next sacrifice.
Zu Geng Ox Humerus Bonus FaithIcon Faith. 50% chance to suffer X turns of Anarchy at the start of your next turn.
Zi Liang Cracked Horse Scapula Bonus FaithIcon Faith. Your Cities are partially converted (33%) to your founded Religion or the religious majority of your Capital Capital.[5]
Pan Geng Cracked Human Skull Bonus FaithIcon Faith. Discover an Ancient Ruin.
Wo Jia Ox Astragalus 0.5x Bonus FaithIcon Faith. 1 Free Social Policy.
Mu Xin Horse Skull Bonus FaithIcon Faith. A Financial Building is constructed in your nearest City.[6]
Jian Jia Turtle Shell 0.5x Bonus FaithIcon Faith. A Great Admiral appears near one of your Coastal Cities.[7]
Xiang Jia Cracked Dog Scapula Bonus FaithIcon Faith. Lose X% of your (Science Science, CultureIcon Culture, Goldenage Golden Age, or Gold Gold) reserves.
Xiao Jia Sheep Scapula Bonus FaithIcon Faith. Meet a random Civilization.[8]
Lin Xin Cracked Boar Skull Bonus FaithIcon Faith. The Resource is replaced with a source of Truffles.
Bu Ren Cracked Sheep Scapula Bonus FaithIcon Faith. +1 Magistrates Magistrate.[9]
Wu Ding Cracked Human Scapula Bonus FaithIcon Faith. Sacrifices no longer provide random bonuses or create Greatwork Great Works of Writing.[10]
City List
  1. Yin
  2. Bo
  3. Fan
  4. Xiao
  5. Dishi
  6. Bi
  7. Yanshi
  8. Xiang
  9. Shangqiu
  10. Pugu
  11. Ao
  12. Geng
  13. Beimeng
  14. Mo
  15. Chaoge
  16. Shixianggou
  17. Yan
  18. Panlongcheng
  19. Huanbei
  20. Zhengzhou
  21. Xingan
  22. Danshan
  23. Mingtiao
  24. Muye
Spy List
  • Xun
  • Yao
  • Xiao
  • Qu
  • Teng
  • Xi Shi
  • Mu Xin
  • Meng
  • Ru Ji
  • Xu Mu


Shang is primarily a faith and culture focused civ; the former used to fuel their UU and UB bonuses while the latter builds on the culture and tourism generated by the Great Works of Writing from their UA. Their central unique mechanic is the ability to sacrifice resources at the cost of Great People. While all sacrifices will always produce a small amount of faith and a Great Work of Writing, the random bonus varies in strength. Some bonuses are equal or greater than using a second Great Person (free Golden Age, Technology, or Social Policy, etc.), while others are largely forgettable (discover an Ancient Ruin, etc.) or even negative (Barbarians spawn in your borders). As such, acquiring the Great Work of Writing should always be your main goal when enacting a sacrifice and it’s not suggested that you use the more valuable Great People (Scientists or Engineers) to do so. However, Great Generals and the various Great Artists should be considered fair game, the latter especially as, with the added Writing Slot from the UB, Great Works of Writing should function as your primary Great Work during games.

There is a nice synergy between the Shang uniques. Sacrifices generate faith to found/spread a religion as well as Great Works. The UB can then hold the Great Work to increase the pressure from your founded Religion. The UU receives a combat bonus once your Religion has spread to all of your Cities and can also capture more Great People to fuel additional sacrifices. Remember that both of the Ya’s abilities are retained on upgrade. Consider bringing Missionaries along with your army to quickly convert captured Cities and maintain your religious union. The ability to capture Great People can be somewhat situational but will primarily benefit against foreign Great Generals. However, traveling Great Merchants or even a rare Merchant of Venice are also excellent targets.

Mod Support

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions

Invent Chopsticks

Eating with one's hands is unhygienic and, more importantly, waiting for food to cool wastes time that could be better spent. Let us invent an eating utensil that is versatile and easy to produce.


  • Player must be Shang
  • Must have built at least 4 Farms
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • 35 Science Science
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrate


  • Tile Improvement construction speed increased by 20%

Develop the Oracle Bone Script

My Lord, the scribes have developed a system of pictograms to aid in communication and commerce. If we adapt these symbols to our divination practices we could better discern the will of our ancestors.


  • Player must be Shang
  • Must have researched Writing
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • 150 Gold Gold
  • 1 Magistrates Magistrate


  • The FaithIcon Faith bonus when sacrificing a Pasture based Resource is doubled
  • +2 Science Science on sources of Horse, Sheep, and Cattle

Unique Cultural Influence

"My people have become obsessed with pyromancy and refuse to make a decision unless turtle shells crack a certain way... I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List

Civfanatics Download
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: BNW v. 22
Last Updated: 5 February 2017

  • Janboruta: Leader scene and icon
  • Danrell: UU graphic
  • tmxk2012917: Chinese translation
  • Tomatekh

Notes and References

  1. Creating a Greatwork Great Work of Writing requires a free Great Work of Writing Slot.
  2. If you do not have any military Units, a Scout appears near your Capital Capital.
  3. If you have not met any City-States, you will meet a random City-State.
  4. If a Scientific Building cannot be constructed, an Academy is built on the Resource plot.
  5. If neither exists, the FaithIcon Faith bonus from the sacrifice is doubled.
  6. If a Financial Building cannot be constructed, a Caravan appears in your nearest City.
  7. If you do not have a Coastal City, standard FaithIcon Faith and +1 Pearls.
  8. If you have met all Civilizations, the next City you conquer will not suffer Occupation or Resistance.
  9. Can only fire if the Events & Decisions mod is active.
  10. Fires if all other sacrifices have already been triggered. Subsequent sacrifices will only award FaithIcon Faith (5x bonus).
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