Shambali Monastery
Shambali Monastery
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Religious Intolerance
Spiritual, Philosophical

Shambali Monastery led by Tekharta Zenyatta is a custom civilization created by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou.


Dawn of Man

May you reach enlightenment, Zenyatta the wise! You are the head of the new Shambali Monastery. While your ideological difference with the lord of the old Shambali Monastery Mondatta caused you to leave the Shambali Monastery, the unfortunate assassination of Mondatta through the hands of Widowmaker have led you to return to the leaderless Shambali Monastery. While you've distanced yourself from the dogmatic ideology of the old Shambali Monastery, you've sought to change that through implementing your beliefs that people and omnics may find peace of mind through interpersonal communication unto the new Shambali Monastery.

Zenyatta, as you seek enlightenment omnics and humans too seek enlightenment as you do. Lead them as the journey towards enlightenment leads and build an era of peace. Will you accept this challenge, Zenyatta? Can you build a civilization that will last the test of time?


Zenyatta leads a flexible yet forceful civilization with a versatile kit with both economic and military bonuses.

Zenyatta's kit revolves greatly around FaithIcon Faith and to a lesser extent Greatperson Great People. Faith is important as Zenyatta's ultimate ability is unlocked primarily through Faith Generation, while Great People also fill the gauge for a large amount. However, faith is also important as Zenyatta's Unique Unit can only be purchased with faith, and like all religious units its cost scales with passing era. Because of this, it is highly recommended for a Zenyatta player to invest in early faith, especially if the player is considering a Domination victory.

While Transcendence and Orb of Discord are only useful in times of war, Orb of Destruction can also be used to swat away barbarians, and the Orb of Harmony is the key economic bonus that Zenyatta has at his disposal. Use the Orb of Harmony in a key city, usually the Capital Capital, in times of peace and use its ability to pursue any strategy. In times of war, the Orb of Harmony can be used on a unit that you want preserved, or maintained on a city to keep Zenyatta's primary economic bonus. The Unique Omnic Monk is critical to Zenyatta's conquest efforts, as Omnic Monks are valid targets for his ultimate, and also may carry up to 4 Orbs of Destruction, allowing them to become powerful artillery units as well.

While Zenyatta's primary bonus is war-oriented, the combination of Orb of Harmony and his unique building, the Communal Monastery, gives him some economic advantages that are far greater than the other Overwatch Civilizations currently out there, namely Tracer and D.Va. The Communal Monastery gives FaithIcon Faith and CultureIcon Culture whenever a Greatperson Great Person spawns, and because the bonus is compounded by the number of cities with the said structure, Zenyatta has even more incentives to capture cities.

Unique Trait and Components

Shambali Monastery (Zenyatta)


Mathalx Zenyatta Icon

Art Source by Blizzard Entertainment

Is given the following active abilites after researching Philosophy: Orb of Destruction, Orb of Harmony, Orb of Discord and Transcendence. May choose a reformation belief immediately after founding a religion, and the Reformation Social Policy instead strengthens Holy Sites into yielding 2 Culture, 1 Faith per Era, and causing units within 2 tile's radius to gain 20% Strength Combat Strength.

Orb of Destruction

Targets a friendly city or an omnic monk. Grants as many Orb of Destruction missile unit as the city or a monk can carry. Stores 1 charge every 2 turns, and Zenyatta may store up to 4 charges at a time.

Orb of Harmony

Targets a friendly unit or city. If the target is a friendly unit, boosts its Strength Combat Strength by 25%, while giving it an temporary March and +30 HP healing per turn. If the target is a friendly city, Grants 3 CultureIcon Culture and FaithIcon Faith per turn, while granting an additional bonus based on its focus.

  • Basic Focus: 8 Happy Global Happiness
  • Food Focus: +3, +25% Food Food
  • Science Focus: +25% Science Science. +1 Science per 4 Citizens.
  • Gold: +34% Gold Gold. +1 Gold per 4 Citizens.
  • Production Focus: +20% Production Production.
  • Culture Focus: +100% CultureIcon Culture
  • Faith Focus: 1 FaithIcon Faith per 1 Citizen Citizen.
  • Great People Focus: +100% Greatperson Great People Generation.

The bonuses apply as long as the orb is applied to the entity, and only one Orb of Harmony Buff is applied per player: applying a new buff will remove the bonus from the previous target.

Orb of Discord

Targets a non-barbarian enemy unit or city. If the target is an unit, it receives a -75% Strength Combat Strength malus when defending. If the target is a city, it indefinitely enters Resistance Resistance until the orb is removed. +20 Ultimate Gauge per turn if this orb is on an unit, and +110 Ultimate Gauge per turn if this orb is on a city. In addition, any air units carried by the unit or the city has its Moves Movement point set to 0 at the beginning of the owner's turn.


Requires a full Ultimate Charge, which is accumulated through destruction of units, the usage of other abilities, and Generation of Greatperson Great People. Targets either a friendly city, Omnic Monk or a Great Person. After usage, the target entity causes all friendly units within a 2 (Great Person/Omnic Monk)/3 (City) radius of the target to heal instantly at the start of any player's turn. The Gauge is filled by passive faith generation at the start of the turn and through maintaining Orb effects.

Omnic Monk

Mathalx Omnic Monk Icon

Art Source by Blizzard Entertainment

Doesn't replace any unit, but instead is a unit unique to Zenyatta which is unlocked at Theology.

Must be purchased with faith, and can only be bought in a city with a religion much like Missionaries or Inquisitors, but unlike them requires Theology before they can be purchased. Combat Strength scales with era, and may carry up to 4 Orb of Destruction missiles at a time.

Starts with March Promotion.

Communal Monastery

Mathalx Communal Monastery Icon

Art Source by Blizzard Entertainment

(replaces Garden)

+2 Science Science and CultureIcon Culture. Doesn't require fresh water and gives FaithIcon Faith and CultureIcon Culture whenever a Greatperson Great Person is born.

City List
  1. Shambali Monastery
  2. Tilaurakot
  3. Swayabhunath
  4. Boudhanath
  5. Muktinath
  6. Lumbini
  7. Gangteng
  8. Chagri
  9. Mahabodhi
  10. Dhamekh
  11. Parinirvana
  12. Maya Devi
Spy List
  1. Gungye
  2. Seokchong
  3. Thich Quang Duc
  4. Heowol
  5. Wonhyo
  6. Myouren
  7. Takuan
  8. Kumarajiva
  9. Shantideva
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
  • Defeat

Full Credits

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: April 16, 2017

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Divine Yuri: UI Framework
  • Blizzard Entertainment: Intellectual Property, Images
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