Samanid Empire
AW SamanidMap
Map by AgressiveWimp
Isma'il ibn Ahmad
Start Bias
Inventive, Mercantile

The Samanids led by Isma'il ibn Ahmad is a custom civilization by AgressiveWimp, with special thanks given to danrell.

This mod requires Gods and Kings and is compatible with Brave New World. It replaces the city-state of Samarkand with Tadmur.

Unique Attributes:

Samanids (Isma'il ibn Ahmad)
IsmailIcon Wikia
Rival of Baghdad -

+1 CultureIcon per turn per technology known. Capital city connections generate +10% Science Science, or +15%, if the city's religious majority is the same as your capital's.

GhilmanIcon Wikia
Ghilman (Knight)

May move after attacking. Costs less to produce than a knight. Receives +15% attack bonus near enemy capital cities and receives a +15% combat bonus if adjacent to another Ghilman. Empire receives Gold equal to the experience earned by the Ghilman throughout its existence when it dies.

MadrassaIcon Wikia
Madrassa' (University)

+33% Science science and +15% CultureIcon culture in this city. 1 Science science and CultureIcon culture per desert tile worked by this city. +2 FaithIcon faith.

List of Cities

City List
  1. Bukhara
  2. Samarqand
  3. Balkh
  4. Herat
  5. Binkath
  6. Khiva
  7. Kabul
  8. Taraz
  9. Merw
  10. Nishapur
  11. Fargana
  12. Sistan
  13. Isfahan
  14. Zaranj
  15. Turkmenabat
  16. Amol
  17. Dushanbe
  18. Farava
  19. Qazvin
  20. Sabzevar
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