The Rocket Artillery is a Siege unit available in the Atomic Era.


Throughout most of history, artillery have used chemical explosives to propel inert shells toward their targets. Rocket artillery, on the other hand, shoots rocket shells that provide their own propellant. This allows for artillery tubes that are much smaller and lighter than traditional artillery, making for fast, mobile artillery vehicles that still pack a serious wallop. The more advanced artillery systems may contain guidance systems, allowing the projectiles to correct their course in mid-flight.


Rocket Artillery is the ultimate siege weapon, far superior to the standard artillery. Employing a radically different launch system, this unit can launch self-propelled surface-to-surface rockets almost without any need of preparation; thus it is the only siege unit that does not need to set up before firing (making it much quicker than earlier guns). It also has much greater ranged strength, making it very dangerous for modern infantry and other land or naval units. Although the Rocket Artillery's sight range is limited, it can use indirect fire to attack targets it cannot see (as long as other friendly units can see them). All these qualities make it deadly against enemy cities or other targets with limited mobility.

Still, like all siege units, it is vulnerable to infantry or armor attack, incapable of using any terrain defenses, and should be defended by appropriate units. Also, unlike earlier siege units, it uses a resource (Aluminum).

Unique Unit Replacements

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