North Korea
Kim Jong-Il
Start Bias
Avoid Desert
Religious Intolerance
Mercantile, Imperialistic

North Korea led by Kim Jong-Il is a custom civilization created by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou.


Dawn of Man

Hail to you Kim Jong-Il, the second king of the Kim Dynasty! You are the ruler of the great nation of the Peoples' Democratic Republic of North Korea. While it is neither a republic nor a democracy, you've stood against the greatest secular power in the world America, defying the will of the west by developing nukes while keeping control so that you may reap the benefit of lordship in the form of luxuries. While you've failed in the quest to create a strong and powerful nation, you've secured the rule of North Korea and continued the hereditary rule that passed unto your son Kim Jong Un.

Great comrade and supreme ruler, a world without the American Empire meet you. Will you use your chukji arts and realize the dream of a strong Korea? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?


Kim Jung Il's North Korea is a militaristic civilization with a bent towards Tradition. Kim Jung Il's most apparent bonus is the military production bonus, which makes Kim Jung Il a powerful spammer civilization especially in tandem with the Civ IV Trait which gives Kim Jung Il the Imperialistic trait, allowing him to spam units even faster. However, Kim Jung Il's outlying cities produce buildings slower if those buildings are not in the capital already, meaning it is difficult to make specialist cities, while also incentivizing Kim Jung Il to grow his capital so that he can build crucial buildings beforehand to lessen the penalty to the outlying cities.

Unique Trait and Components

North Korea (Kim Jung Il)

Military First Policy

Infantry units and archer units are trained 25% faster in all cities. Non-capitals produce Buildings that are not built in the Capital capital 15% slower. The Capital Capital receives 1 Happy Local Happiness and CultureIcon Culture for 5 military units that North Korea possesses.

Construction Squad

(Replaces Infantry)

Are significantly weaker (Strength Combat Strength 60 instead of 70), but are trained faster (Production Cost of 300 in contrast to 375) and receives the special "Ah! Grilled Meat!" Promotion. The promotion causes the unit to recover health when on a tile with Cow, Sheep, or Bison resources. May also build and repair improvements.

Geumsusan Sun Palace

(Replaces the Grand Temple)

Doesn't require a Holy City, but must be built in the Capital Capital. Costs 8 Maintenance and doesn't boost the passive spread of the religion, but generates 5 Culture, 5 Global Happiness, and 10 Faith, and grants units trained in the city the Ethiopian Capital Guard promotion.

City List
  1. Pyeongyang
  2. Hamheung
  3. Gaeseong
  4. Cheongjin
  5. Nampo
  6. Weonsan
  7. Shinuiju
  8. Dancheon
  9. Gaecheon
  10. Sariwon
  11. Suncheon
  12. Pyeongseong
  13. Haeju
  14. Ganggye
Spy List
  1. Wen Magnus
  2. Permedrius
  3. Porcius
  4. Pyeong-Il
  5. Hyerim
  6. Jeongnam
  7. Jeongchul
  8. Youngosok
  9. Seongtaek
  10. Jangyup
  11. Impotent
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings


Peace Theme War Theme
Nice to Meet You (반갑습니다) - Ri Gyeong Sook

Nice to Meet You (반갑습니다) - Ri Gyeong Sook

Defend the Revolutionary Headquarters

Defend the Revolutionary Headquarters

"Nice to Meet You" by Ri Gyeong Sook "Defend the Revolutionary Headquarters" - North Korea

Mod Support


This Event is not available yet.

Provide Bulgogi to the Troops
After the collapse of the North Korean economy, meat rations have become more scarce by the moment. Let us stop drinking Cognac and eating luxurious food for a few days, and provide some meat for our troops that fight for our nation. They will be... "PURGED BY THE SECRET POLICE"
  • Player must be Kim Jong-Il
  • Player must have at least 3 units of Construction Squads.
  • Can be enacted only once per game.
  • 500 (+100 for each city, +25 for each Construction Squad) Gold Gold in Standard Speed
  • All Construction Squads present at the time gains 20 experience, and receives the Thankful Soldier promotion, making them 20% stronger in friendly territory.
  • All cities enter a 20-turn "We love the King" Day.
  • Receive a special Great Arist that produces the unique Ah~ Bulgogi Propaganda Great Work.

Unique Cultural Influence

"Our people are now making idols of mummified leaders and falling into delusions of beating America. I fear that the world will succumb to the influence of your culture."


Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: December 11, 2016

  • Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou: XML, LUA, SQL
  • Ri Gyeong Sook: Peace Theme
  • Unknown: War Theme, Leader Scene
  • AP: DOM Scene
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