The Modern Armor is an Armored unit available in the Information Era.


Modern armor is significantly improved over even the best tanks of World War II. Today's tanks are bigger, faster, have far better armor and weapons, and, perhaps most importantly, are provided with sophisticated computers and communications equipment which greatly improves their power and survivability in the deadly modern battlefield. A modern tank can scream across the battlefield at 60 kilometers per hour while firing away with pinpoint accuracy at a target hundreds of yards away, a targeting computer minutely adjusting the tank's barrel, compensating for each bump or pothole in the road.

On the modern battlefield, the largest threats to modern armor come from enemy armor and artillery, enemy fighters, and helicopter gunships. Infantry rarely carry weapons strong enough to destroy enemy tanks - except of course, for their radios, which they can use to call in artillery or air power.


Modern Armor is the next-generation tank of modern times, capable of dealing with modern Mechanized Infantry and the other highly advanced units of the late game. Its design is basically the same as the earlier tanks, but vastly improved in almost every way. Aluminum elements replace most of the metal ones, making the tank lighter and more fuel-efficient; its weapons are also much more efficient. Because of these changes, the Modern Armor doesn't useOil anymore, but Aluminum instead.

Strategically, you should use it the same way as earlier armored units.

Unique Unit Replacements

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities

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