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The Magyars led by Árpád is a custom civilization by the Sixteen Nation Project, with special thanks given to danrell and JFD.

This mod requires Gods and Kings and is compatible with Brave New World. It replaces the city-state of Budapest with Kerma.

Unique Attributes:

Magyars (Arpad)
ArpadIcon Wikia
Conquest of the Homeland

Magyar-conquered cities are in resistance for half as long, and conquered Magyar cities are in resistance for twice as long. Mounted units produce +2 CultureIcon culture and ignore terrain penalties.

HorkaIcon Wikia
Horka (Great General)

If stacked with a mounted unit, shares movement points with it. All units within range of a Horka not only receive the usual Great General benefits, but can also move after attacking (whether this is already one of their abilities or not).

CumanIcon Wikia
Cuman (Horseman)

Has a city attack penalty only half that of a regualr horseman. Cities with a Cuman garrisoned in them produce units +15% faster.

City List
  1. Esztergom
  2. Székesfehérvár
  3. Pécs
  4. Debrecen
  5. Pest
  6. Veszprém
  7. Eger
  8. Pozsony
  9. Szeged
  10. Kiskolc
  11. Buda
  12. Gyor
  13. Kaposvár
  14. Zalavár
  15. Szolnok
  16. Csaba
  17. Kecskemét
  18. Kanizsa
  19. Sopron
  20. Nyíregyháza
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