List of Gameplay Mods

Mod Author Description
Events and Decisions Sukritact Gives player Decisions that may be enacted for bonuses at the cost of resources, such as Magistrates. Also includes Events which may trigger at random and have multiple outcomes with different results. Each civilization and religion has unique Decisions.
Modular City Info Stack Sukritact Gives city screens icons to provide additional information.
More Mercantile Sukritact Adds new Luxury Resources for Mercantile City-States. One set includes 6 new resources, the other includes 3.
Sukritact's Suzerainty Sukritact Ports Civ 6's Suzerain bonus over to Civ 5 as Ally Bonuses
More Wonders Sukritact and Pouakai Adds several Wonders to the game, each available individually. Some wonders are bundled in packs.
Cities in Development JFD Adds a system for peacefully acquiring City-States, setting distant lands, and managing Building Maintenance.
Cultural Diversity JFD Assigns each civilization a Culture Type, giving them unique aesthetics, starting bonuses, and mythical events (with Events and Decisions installed)
Exploration Continued Expanded JFD Adds various Exploration-themed changes, including new Recon Units, new Resources, Attrition, and Tribes.
Mercenaries JFD and Pouakai Adds a system for the recruitment of Mercenaries.
Progress in Time JFD
Rise to Power JFD Adds a State Religion, Government, and Currency mechanic and three new yields: Piety, Sovereignty, and Prosperity. This mod also includes the Mercenaries mod.
Wonders of the Ancient World Deluxe JFD Updates the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario with G&K and BNW mechanics, as well as new civs.
1066: Year of Viking Destiny Deluxe JFD Updates the 1066: Year of Viking Destiny scenario with G&K mechanics, as well as a new civ.
Into the Renaissance Deluxe JFD Updates the Into the Renaissance scenario with BNW mechanics, as well as new civs.
Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack Gedemon

(updated by JFD)

Adds Giant size earth maps for 22 civilizations with true start locations.
YnAEMP DLL 43 Civs Gedemon Allows Yet (not) Another Earth Maps to have up to 43 civilizations in one game.
More Luxuries Barathor Adds 11 new Luxury Resources.
More Pantheons Barathor An addon to More Luxuries that adds more Pantheons for the new luxuries.
Renaissance Era Revised Zwei833 Revise the military unit system of renaissance era, with new units, technologies, and new graphics.
Great Prophet Historical Names Tomatekh Adds historical names to the Great Prophet unit similar to other Great People.
Historical Religions Tomatekh Adds several new religions. Has many addons that divide religions into even more religions.
Cradle City-States Tomatekh Adds 5 City-States related to advanced Neolithic cultures or emerging regional cradles.
Pontoon Bridge Tomatekh Adds the Pontoon Bridge improvement (originally from the BNW Civil War Scenario) to the base game with several improvements / alterations to allow it to function better in standard play.
Additional Ancient Ruin Rewards Tomatekh Adds several new Ancient Ruin (Goody Hut) rewards to the base game.
Expanded Civilopedia Entries Tomatekh Edits the games base civilopedia text entries to better clarify how various uniques differ from their base counterparts. No longer actively supported by Tomatekh.
Civ IV Traits in Civ V Bingles Assigns each leader two Traits that gives them bonuses in those categories.
Map Labels Hazel16 Allows players to place custom labels on the map.
Ingame Editor DonQuiche Adds the ability to directly edit the map's features for cheating purposes.
City-State Diplomacy Gazebo Overhauls diplomacy with diplomatic units, new World Congress resolutions, city-state quests, and a new Diplomacy victory.
Community Balance Patch Gazebo An extensive overhaul of the game, and introduces Corporations.
Barbarian Immersion Enhancements Leugi Makes Barbarians more difficult as eras pass with bonuses and Barbarian Generals.
InfoAddict robk Adds graphs to display increase in military/science/gold/etc. over time, as well as a visual representation of global relationships.
Longer Eras - Historic Chuck FIndley Adds a Historic game speed with technology costs of a Marathon game but production and gold costs of a Standard game.
Natural Disasters DMS/Danmacsch E&D modmod. Adds various natural disaster events to the game.
Enginseer's Leadership Reformation Enginseer Make Generals and Admirals great again.

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