Khamug-Mongol Empire
Map by Lungora and senshidenshi
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Religious Intolerance

Khamug-Mongol led by Jamukha is a custom civilization by Lungora, with contributions by LeeS, Bane_, and senshidenshi

This mod requires Brave New World.



The Khamug Mongols were a confederation of tribes in Mongolia from the 10th century with the fall of the Liao until their destruction and absorbsion into Genghis Khan's unified Mongol Empire. The first recorded leader of the Khamug was Khabul Khan, great grandfather of Genghis. The confederation ended with the death of Hotula Khan (Genghis' uncle) in 1160, before being recollected by the minor khan of the Jadaran Tribe: Jamukha. Jamukha was Genghis' blood-brother and close friend early in life, but the two became separate, and eventually bitter rivals. By 1206 Jamukha had been beaten down by Genghis and the remaints of the Khamug joined with the new Mongol Empire.


Jamukha was born in the Jadaran, a sub-tribe of the Khamag Mongol confederation, and Jamukha was an anda ("childhood friend") and a blood brother to Temüjin. According to The Secret History of the Mongols, when Börte, wife of Temüjin, was abducted by the Three Merkits; Wang Khan, Jamukha and Temüjin combined forces against the Merkits to recover her. In 1201, the leaders of the thirteen remaining hostile tribes (among them the Merkit, Tatar, and Naimans) and the Mongol tribes not allied with Temüjin (Jadaran, Taichuud, and others) assembled a kurultai and elected Jamukha as Gur Khan, universal ruler, a title used by the rulers of the Kara-Khitan Khanate. Jamukha's assumption of this title was the final breach between Temüjin and Jamukha, leading Temüjin to form a coalition of tribes to oppose him. In the fall of that year, a great battle broke out between Jamukha's alliance and the Kherit-Khamag Mongol alliance at the Ergune valley. This decisive battle, known as the Battle of the Thirteen sides, ended with Temüjin's victory and eventual ascension as Khan of all united Mongol tribes.

Dawn of Man

Greetings, Jamukha, unifier of the Mongol people and leader of the mighty Khamug Confederation! Your throat sings the song of Tengri, the Great Blue Sky, and with it you follow your destiny to rule the steppe. Oh Khan, from the small Jadaran tribe, minor herders in a much larger affair – you climbed the ranks and took the head of the strongest force Mongolia has ever known! Blood-brothers with the treacherous Temujin you once had an ally in your now greatest rival; for he now seeks to control the ancestrial homeland of the Mongols as you do.


Art by Lungora

Jamukha, your people call upon you once more to lead them to battle and conquest! Will the world once again tremble at the thunderous sound of your cavalry sweeping down from the steppes? Will you build an empire that stands the test of time?

Introduction: I, Jamukha, welcome you to the Steppe, it's towering peaks and rolling valleys are the home of my people. Kneel before me and you shall see peace and prosperity, oppose and let your herds and families come to ruin.

Introduction: You are met by the chief of the Jadaran and khan of all Mongols, Jamukha! Tengri has guided your steeds here, and I hope for your clan that he intends a great friendship rather than a tragic tale.

Defeat: Now you're Khan and I'm at your feet. Are you happy?

Unique Attributes

Khamug-Mongol (Jamukha)

Art by Lungora

Unifier of Mongols
+1 Production Production per Pasture. Produce mounted units 15% faster in all cities. Gain Gold Gold when you declare war or are declared upon.

Art by Lungora

Hawk Rider (Scout)
  • +2 Moves Movement (4 vs 2)
  • +100% Strength Combat Strength (8 vs 4)
  • +100% Production Production Cost (50 vs 25)
  • Acts as a Mounted Unit
  • Immune to Desert Attrition (with ExCE)

Art by Lungora

Steppe Ger (Stable)
  • -33% Production Production towards Mounted Units (10% vs 15%)
  • No Production Production from Sheep or Cattle
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture on Horses and Sheep
City List
  1. Ba'arin
  2. Manan
  3. Jaruud
  4. Noyakin
  5. Barlas
  6. Bula'at
  7. Adarkin
  8. Telenguut
  9. Uru'ut
  10. Manghut
  11. Taichi'ut
  12. Suldusun
  13. Besut
  14. Oronar
  15. Arulad
  16. Sunud
  17. Mandalgovi
  18. Khabturkas
  19. Khadagin
  20. Jadaran
  21. Kaimish
  22. Toghta
  23. Margadai
  24. Naqu
  25. Qudu
  26. Dayan
  27. Alukhai
  28. Khinggiadai
  29. Oronar
  30. Har-Ayrag
  31. Nalayh
  32. Nokhos
Spy List
  • Khaidu
  • Ambaghai
  • Khabul
  • Hotula
  • Dutum
  • Monolun
  • Zaarin
  • Borogchin
  • Mongoljin




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Mod Support

Full Credits List

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Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 24 December 2016

  • Lungora: Art, XML, Design, Research 
  • LeeS: Lua
  • Bane_: "Help with getting my art to work."
  • Senshi "All I did was add a title" Denshi [sic]: Consultation, Consolation, Putting text on things

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