The World According to Modders tells the tale of the world according to modders.


Various Mod Components (Whoward)
Pick 'n' Mix

Whenever a Great Scientist is born, choose a second Greatperson Great Person of another type for free (requires CP DLL). Cannot be eliminated from the game.


Art by Firaxis

Celestial Airship (Scout)
  • Ranged Attack.
  • +4 Moves Movement.
  • Can move over impassable terrain.
  • +50 Production Production
DLL Seminary (Temple)
  • 1 Scientist Specialist.
  • Missionaries trained in this city may paradrop (10 hexes).
Civilopedia - Whoward

Whoward the Beneficent, the Lord God of the Fifth Era, is the Creator Deity of Civ V Modding and one of the Ancients of Modding - one of the so-called 'Arms of Sid Meier.' He is credited with the creation and diffusion of the Holy DLL - a source tool by which mortal kind could enjoy the fruits of DLL Modding. As such, He is one of the few Ancients to have bestown His knowledge of DLL Modding to mortals and is therefore one of the few Ancients to be openly venerated.

Civilopedia - Various Mod Components

The Various Mod Components is the domain of the Lord God Whoward, founded upon his scripture: the Holy DLL. The Various Mod Components (VMC) is an esoteric civilization forbidden to most mortals. It is unknown if the Citizens of the VMC are more than pieces of code.

It is said that the Lord God Whoward resides at the Palace of AssignStartingPlots.lua, in Holy DLL City

Community Patch Project (Gazebo)
Codeifical See

Earn Science Science when defeating Barbarian Units. Upon clearing a Barbarian Encampment, a new city is immediately founded in its place.

Bug Tracker (Worker)
  • Ignores terrain costs.
  • Damages Barbarian Units ending their turn within two tiles.
  • Damages Barbarian Units when moving into an adjacent tile.
GitHub Library (Library)
  • +33% Production Production when training Bug Trackers
  • Contributes Food Food to the Capital Capital whenever a new Technology is discovered.
Civilopedia - Gazebo

His Codeliness, Gazebo, Supreme Pontiff of the Sovereign Community Patch Project, Lord of the Community Balance Patch, and Saint of the Empire of JFD and Janboruta, is the head and prophet of the Gazeboan branch of Whowardism - a splinter faith of Whowardism. He is accredited with the ordination of the Empire of JFD and Janboruta and with bringing enlightenment to the Avatars of Sid Meier.

It is said that Gazebo has summoned the Ancient, Putmalk, in order to initiate his apotheosis into Ancientdom and challenge the throne of the Lord God Whoward.

Civilopedia - Community Patch Project

The Community Patch Project is a civilization within Civ V Modding. It is the seat of the Codeifical See and home to Supreme Pontiff, Gazebo, head of the Gazeboan branch of Whowardism. It is often considered the successor to Thalassicus' Communitas Expansion Pack.

St. Natansburg (Natan)

Minor Civilizations

Minor Civilization Capital Type Civilopedia
Gedemon Yet (not) Another Earth Map Pack Militaristic Gedemon is the Ancient of Revolutions, Empires, and Bratwurst. He is known to have created and divided the earth amongst civilizations, and is said to be the source of the rise and fall of these same civilizations. He is the patron Ancient of The Empire of JFD and Janboruta.
Pazyryk Éa Fantasy Mod Project Religious Pazyrk the Mage-Lord is one of the Ancients of the Fifth Era. He is the Ancient of Fantasy, and devotes much of his time to the modding of the ethereal realm. He is also known to have taught the Worker Avatars of Sid Meier the means to occupying a single space at once. He is the patron Ancient of Bane_, FramedArchitect, and Civitar.
Putmalk CIV Diplomacy Mercantile Putmalk is known as the Ancient of Language, and Trickery, and as Putmalk the Messanger. He is said to have bridged the gap between the Fifth and Fourth Eras with his creation: Civ IV Diplomacy, with which he taught the Avatars of Sid Meier the forgotten ways of map and tech trading.

It is said that Putmalk has been summoned by Gazebo in order to achieve apotheosis amongst the Ancients.

R8XFT Anno Domini Maritime R8XFT, or Rob the Classicist, is an Ancient from even before the Fourth Era, having known to have operated in the Third Era, making him perhaps the most Ancient and Wisest of the Ancients. He is known to enjoy the works of mortals and is perhaps the most amenable toward them.
Thalassicus Communitas Cultural Thalassicus was an Ancient of the Time of Troubles, before the Coming of Ed Beach. He is known to have created Communitas, the predecessor to the Community Patch Project, and is the patron Ancient of Lua Modding.


Icon Religion Preferenced Civilopedia
Gazeboan Whowardism
  • Gazebo
Gazeboan Whowardism is a splinter religion of Whowardism, the original word of the Lord God Whoward centred on the Holy DLL. With the 'Great Disappearance' of the Lord God Whoward, Pope Gazebo began compiling a new testament in early 2015. However, the Lord God Whoward's return in October 2015 culminated in a schism. Whowardism thus splintered into Orthodox Whowardism and Gazeboan Whowardism.
Orthodox Whowardism
  • Whoward
Orthodox Whowardism is the original word of the Lord God Whoward, known also as DLL - Various Mod Components, or simply as Whowardism. It is upon Whowardism that Gazeboan Whowardism is based, however, as OW doctrine does not recognise the changes made by Pope Gazebo to the Holy DLL, Whowardism splintered in two, with Orthodox Whowardism adhering only to Lord God Whoward's original teachings.

Full Credits List

CivFanatics Homepage
Latest Version: 2
Last Updated: 16/02/2016

  • JFD: Author
  • ViceVirtuoso: Utilities[1]
  • Whoward: Utilities[2]


  1. Dynamic 2D Leaderscenes
  2. Border and Area plot iterators

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