The Infantry is a Gunpowder unit available in the Modern Era.


As the 20th century opened, the world experienced two of the deadliest and most destructive wars in human history. It was a time of remarkable advancement in the technology of killing, and as the decades passed ever more deadly ships, planes and land vehicles were introduced. Through it all the infantryman marched into battle, grimly facing every horror that the greatest minds on the planet could conceive of to throw at him.

The infantryman of World War II was typically armed with a bolt-action rifle similar to the ones carried by his World War I counterpart, like the German K98, or a semi-automatic rifle similar to the M1 Garand and might carry one or more grenades. His only protective armor was a metal helmet which was mostly ineffective against direct gunfire, providing at best limited protection against shrapnel. The men on all sides were tough and resourceful and they died in the hundreds of thousands fighting for their homes and countries.


The Infantry is armed with modern automatic weapons, grenades and the cunning and mobility necessary to survive an increasingly mechanized battlefield. It's stronger than its predecessor, the Rifleman (or Great War Infantry). Modern combat is increasingly complex, and on its own an Infantry unit is vulnerable to air, artillery and tank attacks (although its decent strength allows it to withstand quite some beating). When possible, Infantry should be supported by artillery, tanks, and air (or anti-air) units.

Unique Unit Replacements

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
West Germany (Adenauer)
  • +5% Strength Strength for every civilization with an opposing Ideology that borders the unit's owner
Unitflag carabineiri
Italy (Mussolini)
  • +15% Strength Combat Strength vs Gun units.
  • Halves resistance turns when garrisoned.
Durrani (Ahmad Abdali)
  • Ranged Unit, range of 1.
  • On Hills, 25% Interception chance and +50% Strength Combat Strength vs. Aircraft.
Unitflag TTR
Peacekeeping Regiment
Trinidad and Tobago (Eric Williams)
  • Provides Influence Influence when in Citystate City-State territory (+3 per turn, or +9 if not friendly/allied to counter the trespassing penalty)
Brazil (Pedro II)
  • Earns Goldenage Golden Age point from kills
Unitflag vietcong
Viet Cong
Vietnam (Trung Sisters)
  • Gains Invisibility and double Movement in Forest and Jungle
  • Combat penalty in open terrain
  • Cannot capture Cities
Germany (Hitler)
  • Receive a free Wehrmacht upon capturing a city
  • Produces Greatperson Great Generals more quickly

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