Kingdom of Georgia
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David IV
Start Bias
Eastern European
Spiritual, Protective

The Kingdom of Georgia led by David IV is a custom civilization by the Sixteen Nation Project, with special thanks given to danrell and bane_.

This mod requires Gods and Kings and is compatible with Brave New World. It replaces the city-state of Tbilisi with Zagreb.


GeorgianIcon Wikia

Georgia's unique ability revolves completely around founding a religion. Keeping up in the race for religion is imperative. Georgia is custom built to spread its religion far and wide, and quickly at that, thereby conquering the world by might of its piety. Both founding a religion and spreading it are aided by the Eklesia, so faith-producing buildings must not be overlooked. How to leverage your religious influence for victory depends on the beliefs you choose; if you're in a conquering mood, the Just War and God of War beliefs may be in your best interest, or if you'd rather win by diplomacy, Papal Primacy and/or Holy Texts may be more favorable.

Unique Attributes:

Georgia (David IV)
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Reverence for Saint George -

All Georgia cities next to mountains gain a faith bonus if Georgia founds a religion. All Georgian cities automatically convert if its is the first religion, and its cities cannot be converted if its majority religion is its founded one.

MetsikhovneIcon Wikia
Metsikhovne (Pikeman)

+50% combat when stationed in a city.

EklesiaIcon Wikia
Eklesia (Temple)

Generates one additional FaithIcon faith and +50% religious pressure for the city it is built in.

List of Cities

City List
  1. Tbilisi
  2. Kutaisi
  3. Mtskheta
  4. Kars
  5. Dvin
  6. Ani
  7. Yerevan
  8. Erzurum
  9. Shamakia
  10. Rustavi
  11. Poti
  12. Zugdidi
  13. Batomi
  14. Atskuri
  15. Telavi
  16. Baku
  17. Gandza
  18. Khlat
  19. Gori
  20. Shamkor
  21. Daruband
  22. Belakani
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