The Gatling Gun is an Archery unit available in the Industrial Era.


The Gatling gun, forerunner to the machine gun, was invented in 1861 AD by the American Dr. Richard Gatling in the hope of reducing the size of armies and displaying how futile war is. Operation of a Gatling gun involved a revolving multi-barrel design, in which a hand crank turned the mechanism. As each barrel cycled, the spent cartridge was ejected, a new one loaded, and the muzzle barrel cooled. In this manner, a high rate of fire could be maintained without overheating. What the Gatling gun lacked in accuracy was made up for by its lethality.

Although not officially adopted by the United States Army until 1866, it was used for the first time in combat during the American Civil War by Union forces. It next saw use during the Peru-Chile War of the Pacific (1879-1883), which convinced European armies of its utility against massed enemies. Within a decade, the Gatling gun was adopted by most of the major powers; it was used most effectively to expand their colonial empires against the likes of the Ndebele, Zulu, Bedouins, Turkmen, Boxers, and other native peoples. In the first decade of the 1900s, designs for gas-operated "machine" guns made the weapon obsolete; the U.S. Army withdrew all models of the Gatling gun from service in 1911, followed soon after by the European armies.


The Gatling Gun is an upgrade from the Crossbowman, but its role changes entirely, and together with the Artillery and aircraft, it ushers in a complete change to combat tactics in modern times. The first repeating gun weapon, it is able to spit lead with incredible speed and literally mow down incoming infantry. Although its bullets can't reach 2 tiles away like the attacks of earlier ranged units (it has only 1 range), it still attacks with impunity. Furthermore, its Ranged Strength is the same as its Melee Strength, eliminating the vulnerability to melee attacks that troubled earlier archer units. This makes searching for vantage points less important (although the Gatling Gun can still use a hill's defensive bonus), since the unit will only be able to attack adjacent tiles anyway.

Gatling Guns now become part of your front-line troops, being as useful against melee troops as infantry. Their advantage is the ability to shoot (and avoid counterattacks from the units they attack), and a well-situated Gatling Gun can become very lethal on the field.

A Gatling Gun is fully capable of making use of the Range promotion, allowing it to have a range of 2 hexes. Similarly, Longbowmen and Chu-Ko-Nu will retain their special traits when upgraded to Gatling Guns.

Unique Unit Replacements

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Unitflag chasseur
Belgium (Albert I)
  • When fighting in a war involving a friend:
    • +1 Movement
    • Heals every turn
Unitflag commando
The Boers (Paul Kruger)
  • Unlocked at Rifling, upgrades to Great War Infantry
  • +1 Movement, may move after attacking
  • -2 Combat Strength and Ranged Strength
  • -11% production cost
Danube Infantry Romania (Carol I)
  • +6 Combat Strength and Ranged Strength
  • Ignores terrain costs
  • +15% Combat Strength when adjacent to rivers
Unitflag ribault
Milan (Gian Galeazzo)
  • Unlocked at Economics
  • May attack twice per turn
  • Combat bonus vs Siege units
Unitflag zamburak
Afghanistan (Mirwais Hotak)
  • +3 Movement
  • Can move after attacking
  • -11% production cost
Unitflag zapatista
Mexico (Guadalupe Victoria)
  • No ranged attack, but stronger
  • Ignores terrain costs
  • Combat bonus in rough terrain
  • 20% combat bonus on pillaged tiles

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