The Galleass is a Naval Ranged unit available in the Medieval Era.


The Galleass was a class of naval warship that grew in popularity during the 16th century, when designs based on the traditional galley were modified to include heavier armaments. A typical galleass began life as a merchant ship powered by oars, which was then upgraded to include masts for sails. With two forms of propulsion available, the galleass design allowed the ship to maintain much of the traditional galley's renowned speed, while also carrying heavy guns to fend off would-be attackers.


The Galleass is a powerful Medieval Era ship that was used by countries near the Mediterranean sea in the 1500s and 1600s. Still depending on the sail-oar combination, the Galleass can't enter deep ocean, and its bulk makes it slower than the Trireme; however, it possesses an on-board projectile launcher, which allows it to attack with impunity from 2 tiles away, both in the sea and on land. This makes it very dangerous for both naval and land units, and even cities. Use it to support naval and land armies (if the latter are acting sufficiently close to the sea, of course) for total control of land and sea.

Note that Galleasses are one movement point slower than the standard Trireme. While inferior at combat, Triremes will still be superior at exploration in the Medieval Era.

When promoting the unit, you may choose two distinct paths: either anti-naval, or anti-land capabilities. Consider your current enemies' strengths when making the choice.

Unique Unit Replacements

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Baltic Warship Kalmar Union (Margaret)
  • +15% Combat Strength in friendly territory
  • Reduces cost of border expansion when garrisoned
  • Earns Golden Age points from kills
Unitflag grandcarrack
Grand Carrack
England (Elizabeth)

(When Great Britain (Victoria) is installed)

  • Can cross deep ocean
  • May heal outside friendly territory when adjacent to a Great Admiral
Great Galleass
Venice (Enrico Dandolo)
  • +12.5% Combat Strength
  • With Charles V's Holy Roman Empire installed:
    • Units within 2 tiles gain +33% Combat bonus vs Cities
    • Starts with the Siege promotion
Gun Holk Kalmar Union (Margarethe I)
  • -2 Combat Strength.
  • Double movement in Coast.
  • Unlocks at Guilds.
  • Receive one everytime you build a Cargo Ship.
Unitflag junkship
Junk Ship
The Song (Taizu)
  • Starts with the Great Generals I promotion
  • +100% Combat Strength and +1 Movement when below 50% Health
  • Generates Gold when passing through a Cargo Ship
Unitflag lanternas
Byzantium (Alexios I Komnenos)
  • May withdraw from melee attacks
  • Heals 15 damage per turn during Golden Ages
Unitflag longboat
Denmark (Harald Bluetooth)

(When Christian IV's Denmark-NorwayHaakon Haakonsson's Norway are installed)

  • Also replaces Trireme
  • Grants a foreign lands combat bonus to nearby units
  • Can move after attacking
  • Automatically upgrades at Compass
The Vikings (Ragnar Lodbrok)
  • Unlocked at Optics
  • +1 Movement
  • May cross Oceans for 10 turns after creation
  • May spawn a Land Unit on the coast of a continent on which you have no cities
  • -1 Combat and Ranged Strength

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