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Robert III
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Flanders led by Robert III is a custom civilisation created by LastSword[1], with contributions from hokath and danrell.

This mod requires Gods and Kings & Brave New World. It replaces the City-State of Antwerp with Deventer, and Brussels with Reval.



The area that would become the County of Flanders has been inhabited since prehistory. During the times of Julius Caesar, the inhabitants were part of the Belgae, a collective name for all Celtic and Germanic tribes in the north of Gallia. For Flanders in specific these were the Menapii, the Morini, the Nervii and the Atrebates.

Robert III

Robert III of Flanders, also called Robert of Béthune and nicknamed The Lion of Flanders (De Leeuw van Vlaanderen), was Count of Nevers and Count of Flanders. Robert was the oldest son of Guy of Dampierre from his first marriage with Matilda of Béthune.

Dawn of Man

We bow down to you, Robrecht the Third, Lion of Flanders, Count of Nevers and Flanders. During your rule, the County of Flanders enjoyed a Golden Age. Due to the Champagne Fairs, the people of Flanders were able to secure prosperity and wealth by trading its world renowned Flemish Tapestry and cloth and introducing exotic products such as dyes, spices and other luxuries. The city of Bruges, due to its strategic location, flourishing cloth industry, and many canals, was rightfully called the Venice of the North. As son of the Count of Flanders, you earned victory and fame early on through military success in Italy and your participation in the Eight Crusade. Politically, you inspired your subjects and your allies to take up arms against the French attempts to threaten Flanders’ autonomy. Although you were defeated, you continued to inspire the people of Flanders, and later the people of Belgium in their dreams to make their country the most prosperous and powerful in Europe.

Oh great leader, your people have long waited and dreamed for an opportunity to once again raise their country to new heights. They come to you now, hoping that you can once again assure a new Golden Age. Will you lead your people to a brighter future? Can you restore the wealth and dominance of your people? Can you defend the sovereignty of your county? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?


Leaderscene by LastSword

Introduction: "Welcome and greetings to you, traveller, in this land of plenty. They call me the Lion of Flanders, but you may call me Robrecht."

Introduction: "Peace and honour, wanderer. You have found your way to Flanders. Stay as long as you like, I hear the Champagne Fair is in town."

Defeat: "You may chain me, but you will never tame me. You cannot take away this lion's pride."

Defeat: "You will never tame me, not so long as one Fleming lives. For they shall fight you, tooth and claw, until freedom is theirs once again."



Unique Attributes

Flanders (Robert III)

Art by LastSword

Champagne Fairs

Cities gain +1 Food Food for every land tile in working radius being worked by your other city.


Art by LastSword

  • -28.5% Production Production Cost (70 v. 90).
  • While garrisoned, gains Strength Combat Strength equal to half the Strength City Strength provided by defensive Buildings.
  • Upgrades to Musketman.

Art by LastSword

  • Unlocked at Mining.
  • Can be built on water tiles surrounded by at least four land tiles.
  • +3 Food Food.
  • Land Units can move onto the tile without embarking.


Peace Theme War Theme
Unavailable. Unavailable.
"?" from the soundtrack of ?. "?" from the soundtrack of ?.

Mod Support

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World
With Patch

Full Credits List

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: BNW v. 9
Last Updated: 27th June 2015

  • hokath: Text, design.
  • danrell: Goedendag Model. [2]
  • LastSword: All else.

Notes and References

  1. LS Civilization Set
  2. Civ5 Ancient Unit Pack 16: England

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