The Fighter is a fighter unit available in the Atomic Era.


Fighter aircraft were developed in World War I. The earliest "fighters" were little more than self-propelled kites with machine guns on them. By World War II both technology and doctrine had greatly improved, making the now single-winged and armored aircraft deadly killing platforms. The primary role of the fighter is to achieve air superiority over the battlefield, killing enemy aircraft or driving them away, allowing friendly bombers to rain destruction on enemy ground or naval forces unimpeded. Some fighter aircraft also carry bombs to be used against ground units, but even those without bombs can still strafe enemy ground or naval units with deadly effect.

Modern jet fighters are faster, better-armed and armored than those from World War II, but the principles of air combat remain, and the force with air superiority has a tremendous advantage over its enemy.


The more advanced version of the Triplane, the Fighter has greater combat strength (thanks to improved weaponry) and greater operational range (thanks to improved hull design) than its predecessor. To cut the long story short, use it as you would a Triplane - it's just more effective at what it does than the older unit. It can defend against enemy aircraft with Interception mode, Air Sweep enemy targets to eliminate defending anti-aircraft weapons, and keep an eye on the enemy's border regions, as well.

Unique Unit Replacements

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Unitflag pzl23
Poland (Pilsudski)
  • Combat bonus vs land units
  • Extra range
Red Tail Gullah Geeche (Marquetta Goodwine)
  • Starts with Dogfight I Promotion
  • Starts with increased range
Unitflag spitfire
United Kingdom (Churchill)
  • +20% combat strength in friendly territory
  • Heals 25 HP upon kill
Ugboelu Nigeria (Awolowo)
  • +10% Combat Strength for each Declaration of Friendship (max 50%)
  • Begins with Bombardment I
Japan (Oda Nobunaga)
Japan (Tojo)
  • +33% combat strength vs Fighter units
  • Does not require Oil

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