Federation of Dan
AW DanTheSquidMap
Map by AgressiveWimp
Dan the Squid
Start Bias
Seafaring, Charismatic

The Federation of Dan is a custom civilization made by the Sixteen Nation Project, with special credit given to Barathor, Civitar and Sukritact. It was the Sixteen Nation Project's April Fool's Day civilization for 2015.

This mod requires Gods and Kings and is compatible with Brave New World.

Unique Attributes:

Federation of Dan (Dan the Squid)
DanTheSquid Leader wikia
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Founded coastal cities have doubled yields and generate a random unique luxury nearby. Founded landlocked cities have halved yields and founding one generates 5 turns of anarchy.

BigSquidIcon wikia
Big Squid (All Naval Units)

May acquire 1 Ink resource instead of being promoted. It may also construct fishing boats, though this takes time unlike with a Work Boat. Has a permanent -50% defense penalty and may receive the unique Hasty Retreat line of promotions which boost movement points.

InkRefineryIcon wikia
Ink Refinery

Converts 1 Ink into 1 Oil Oil, generates +1 Science Science per ocean tile, and has Engineer specialist slots. While incurring a heavy 10 Gold Gold maintenance cost, it also generates 1 Gold Gold per population each turn.

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Dan the Squid • World of Asmos Civilization Modpack

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