Specialists 2 Engineers
Production Cost 360
Resource Coal
Maintenance 3
Unlocked at Industrialization
The Factory is a building available in the Industrial Era.

Game Info

Building a Factory requires a Workshop or any of its replacements, as well as 1 Coal.

  • +4 Production Production
  • +10% Production Production
  • Has 2 slots for Engineer Specialists
  • Building 3 in your empire allows you to choose an Ideology

With Social Policies / Tenets:

  • Young Pioneers (Order): +1 Happy Happiness
  • Worker's Faculties (Order): +25% Science Science


A factory is a building which uses Industrial Age techniques to build stuff - cars, corsets, steel beams, fishing rods, or whatever. First appearing in a large scale in the 17th and 18th centuries, factories were more efficient than the small workshops or cottage industries they replaced, but perhaps less humane. Contrary to popular belief Henry Ford did not invent the assembly line; that was created in the 19th century in the mid-western US meat-packing industries. Beef carcasses were carried from station to station on an overhead trolley system at a steady pace; workers at each station would have a set amount of time to carve off their assigned chunk of meat before the carcass moved onto the next station. Working in a meat-packing plant was one of the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs in the history of American labor, and stories from this era can still horrify us today.

Unique Building Replacements

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Assembly Plant America (Roosevelt)
  • +10% Production Production towards mechanized Land and Air units
  • +50% embarked Strength Defense for Armor and Siege units
  • Only one is required to choose an Ideology
Autowerk West Germany (Adenauer)
  • +1 Gold Gold from Engineer specialists in this city
Liquefaction Facility Trinidad and Tobago (Eric Williams)
  • +2 Gold Gold on Strategic Resources
Meat Packing Plant Midwest Region (William Jennings Bryan)
  • +15% Food Growth and +2 Production Production per Cattle, Horses, and Sheep
Paper Mill Finland (Kekkonen)
  • +2 Production Production, +1 Gold Gold, and +1 Science Science per Forest tile
  • No base Production

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