Fabulous Gemland
Pink Taric
Gem City
N/A (Not yet Implemented)
Central (Not yet Implemented)
Religious Intolerance
Creative, Protective

Fabulous Gemland led by Pink Taric is a custom civilization created by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou.


Dawn of Man

May the glory of consensual homosexuality ever shine inside you! You are Pink Taric, ruler of fabulous Gemland. Gemland is among the most artistic of nations, as well as a financial powerhouse thanks to its venerable gem industry. Gemland's gemcutters are the envy of others, crafting elegant pieces of craft that command not only high prices but are pieces of fine arts as well.

Now, Pink Taric, the time has come to let the glory of Gemland shine upon the land once more. Spread the art of Gemland throughout the land and bring the gays everlasting glory. Can you build a civilization that will last the test of time?


Taric leads a mercantile civilization, focused on generating great amount of gold and culture. Taric's ability to quickly generate culture and gold through the unique building makes Taric a great candidate for Diplomatic Victory, not unlike the Lydian Empire by ryanjames which has a similar concept. In fact, Taric plays very similarly to Kroisos: both have a Mint replacement that provides a more consistent bonus, both have means of speeding the natural generation of Goldenage Golden Age points, and both have a unit replacement that has higher combat strength and generates Goldenage Golden Age points when killing enemies. However, while Kroisos's primary bonus lies within merchants and are flat-out Gold gold focused, Taric's gold bonuses are much less consistent, but makes up for that with CultureIcon Culture bonuses and an excellent defensive unit.

The Gem Knight can be seen as a mix of the Danish Berserkers and the Japanese Samurai: The Gem Knights are available in Metal Casting like the Danish counterparts, and go obsolete at rifling like the Japanese counterpart. However, the Gem Knights are specialized in defense: They not only receive combat bonus when defending, but receives a significantly greater healing rate when healing inside friendly territories, making them significantly tougher than most other blocker units. Not only that, gaining experience grants them a special but random promotion, which has variety of effect when the unit is garrisoned inside a city.

Upcoming Remake

After the remake to make Fabulous Gemland more distinct from Kroisos's Lydia, the Fabulous Gemland will still hold on to a powerful gold game and culture game, although the gold potential is significantly lessened, and it also no longer gets a bonus towards faster Golden Ages. However, Gemland now gets lengthened Golden Ages based on the number of Artistic GPs generated (including those acquired through things like Patronage Finisher), meaning Gemland still has an incentive to pursue a cultural development path. Not only that, the Gem Knights' promotions now have additional effect in a Golden Age, further increasing the importance of Great Artists to Taric. Moreover, the Gem Knights can now fulfill a more aggressive role depending on the promotion it has, making Fabulous Gemland more suited to Domination victory than before.

Unique Trait and Components

Fabulous Gemland (Pink Taric)

Mathalx Pink Taric Icon

Art by Simogun


Receives and gives a diplomatic bonus towards male leaders. Subsequent Goldenage Golden Ages last 10% longer for every Great Artists, Musicians, and Writers spawned by the civilization.

Mathalx Gem Knight Icon

Art by Jeffufu

Gem Knight

(Replaces Longswordsmen)

Has higher Strength combat strength (21 to 22) and are available on Metal Casting. +15% Strength Combat bonus when defending and heals extra amount when in friendly territory. In addition, receives a special bonus after its first battle, which provides output bonuses to a city when the unit is garrisoned. Kills grant 250% of the killed unit's strength as Golden Age points.

The special promotions are

  • Ruby for Vigor: Ignore enemy ZoC and +1 Moves Movement Point. +3 Production Production to the City. In a Golden Age, +15% Production Production towards Buildings and Wonders.
  • Emerald for Insight: +25% Strength Combat Strength in Friendly territory. +3 Food Food to the City. In a Golden Age, retain 20% of the Food when a new citizen is born in the city.
  • Opal for Harmony: +25% Strength Combat Strength when fighting adjacent to an allied unit. +2 Happy Local Happiness to the City. In a Golden Age, indefinitely increase the Happy Local Happiness of the City by 1 once per Golden Age, stacking up to 5 times. The bonus is lost when the city is taken.
  • Sapphire for Divinity: Provides the Great General Bonus, and earn experience 100% faster. +3 Science Science to the City. In a Golden Age, +3 Greatperson Great Scientist Point.
  • Amethyst for Aesthetics: Allows the Gem Knight to capture defeated enemy units. +3 CultureIcon Culture to the City. In a Golden Age, +3 Tourism Tourism.
  • Topaz for Fortune: Pillage for Free, and gain 2 Gold for every point of damage inflicted to a city. +3 Gold Gold to the City. In a Golden Age, +2 Gold to all gold trade routes connected to or from the city. The bonus applies to opposing players sending trade routes to the city as well.
  • Diamond for Brilliance: +2 Sight, extra attack, and gain Great Generals 100% Faster. +15% Greatperson Great People Point Generation in the City. In a Golden Age, this bonus is doubled.
  • Goshenite for Piety: -20% Strength Combat Strength of enemy units adjacent to the unit. Killing an enemy unit completely heals this unit. +3 FaithIcon Faith to the City. In a Golden Age, increases the religious pressure of the city by 50%.

Mathalx Gemcutter Icon
Jewelry Crafter

(replaces Mint) Provides 1 Gemcutter Specialist Slot. Provides 1 copy of the unique Jewelry resource, which is distinct from the luxury resource exclusive to the city-state. Requires Iron, Copper, Gold, Silver, Pearl, Gems, or Ivory to be developed (or if the Additional Luxuries are installed, Amber, Lapis Lazuli, and Jade counts as well) within its working radius to be built.

+2 Gold Gold and +2 CultureIcon Culture, and the luxury resources mentioned above gains +2 Gold Gold, while Iron gains +1 Gold Gold and CultureIcon Culture.

Gemcutters by default generates 2 Gold Gold, 2 CultureIcon Culture, and 1 Production Production. If the Gemcutter slot is worked in a Goldenage Golden Age, the Copper, Gold, Silver, Pearl, Gems, Ivory, Amber, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, and Iron yields 1 extra CultureIcon culture (combined with the Golden Age bonus, for a cumulative bonus of 3 Gold gold and CultureIcon 1 culture). In addition, working the specialist in a Goldenage Golden Age will also generate 2 Tourism Tourism, and causes all gold trade routes, incoming and outgoing from the city, to generate 1 Gold, which is also applied to the opposing player if they are sending the trade route to the city.

City List
  1. Gem City
  2. Land of the Fifth Gay
  3. Darkholme Fortress
  4. Turingian
  5. Phaidreia
  6. Patrokleia
  7. Alexandreia of the Homosexuals
  8. Tomboy
  9. OK2BGAY
  10. Herrington
  11. F You
  12. Deep Dark Fantasy
  13. Oh My Shoulder
  14. Ang
Spy List
  1. Herrington
  2. Van Darkholme
  3. Kiyoshi Kazuya
  4. Danny Lee
  5. Phaidros
  6. Thomas Bickham
  7. Ezreal
  8. Varus
  9. Jayce
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • Greetings, stranger! I am Taric. If you are a male, let us spend more time together in a more secluded place.
    • Well met, stranger! I am Pink Taric. Feel free to take a look at Gemland's finest pieces of art.
    • Gemland is pleased to meet another nation. I am its leader, Pink Taric.
  • Defeat
    • Alas, Gemland falls to a foreign power! May its new ruler only be tolerant of Gemland's old tradition...
    • My land and its arts are yours. My last wish as a ruler is for you to preserve them both.
    • So this is how Gemland ends. Let all the homosexuals of the world weep at its fall.

Mod Support

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Coming on v3
Map Labels
True Alternative Leaders
Unique Cultural Influence



LGBT Rights Movement

Historically, the sexual minority always have been oppressed people: they were shunned as perverts, heretics, and simply social undesirables. Taric's Gemland on the other hand had no such social barrier to these people, and have been the haven of sexual minorities seeking refuge from the heteronormal society.

  • Player must be Pink Taric
  • Player must be Renaissance Era or Later
  • Player must have completed at least either completed 2 Social Policies or have adopted the Humanism social policy.
  • Can be enacted only once per game.
  • 1000 Gold Gold and CultureIcon Culture in standard speed.
  • Receives the LGBT Civil Rights and Liberties Union in the Capital Capital.

Awaken the Gem Power

Gems are truly outrageous, and while the Taric of the present times have abandoned the Gem theme for a protector theme, the adherents of the old ways, namely the fabulous, gemmed Taric, wishes to rekindle the traditions of the Gem magic.

  • Player must be Pink Taric
  • Player must be in the Medieval Era or Later
  • Can be enacted only once per game.
  • 1000 Gold Faith and CultureIcon Culture in standard speed.
  • All units receive the Power of the Gem promotion that becomes a random promotion in the same way the Gem Knight does. Gem Knights that have received a random bonus receives another roll, while Gem Knights who haven't used up the promotion remains unchanged.

Buildings and Units made available through E&D

Notes and References

Full Credits

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: December 2, 2016

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Riot Games: Intellectual Property, DOM/Leader Scene Artworks
  • Muanguk(무안국): Leader Icon
  • Jeffufu: Gem Knight Icon
  • Simogun(시모군): Alternate (Rework) Leader Scene Artwork
  • Tomboy: Peace Theme
  • Electric 6: War Theme
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