Production Cost 160
Maintenance 1
Unlocked at Banking
The Constabulary is a building available in the Renaissance Era.

Game Info

  • -25% enemy Spy stealing rate
  • -10% Crimes Crime (CID)


One of the first known descriptions of the role of a constable comes from Bracton, a jurist in England writing between 1220 and 1250. "In whatever way they come and on whatever day, it is the duty of the constable to enroll everything in order, for he has record as to the things he sees; but he cannot judge, because there is no judgment at the Tower, since there the third element of a judicial proceeding is lacking, namely a judge and jurisdiction. He has record as to matters of fact, not matters of judgment and law."

Unique Building Replacements

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Commissariat Soviet Union (Lenin)

Soviet Union (Stalin)

  • Lenin:
    • Stores 1% Food Food per 2 Production Production in the city
  • Stalin:
    • +10% Production Production towards Land units per City-State connection
Ecclesiastic Court Papal States (Innocent III)
  • +1 Faith.
  • Happy Happiness and +20% religious pressure when the city follows your religion.
Guberniya's Office Russia (Nicholas II)
  • +5% Production Production for the Capital when connected via Trade Route
  • +10% Food Growth if connected to the Capital via Railroads
Immigration Office Tropico (El Presidente)
  • Grants 2 Citizens and 2 random Specialist slots
  • +1 Tourism Tourism after Flight
KasereiIcon wikia
Käserei Switzerland (Wilhelm)
  • +10% Gold Gold
  • +1 Food Food
  • +1 Happy Happiness
Shire Court Anglo-Saxons (Alfred)
  • Unlocked at Civil Service
  • +2 Happy Happiness
  • +2 CultureIcon Culture in the Capital
Stasi East Germany (Honecker)
  • +25% Production Production if a Spy is performing counterintelligence in this city

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