The Composite Bowman is an Archery unit available in the Classical Era.


Widely considered the most sophisticated of all bow designs, the composite bow differs from other traditional models in that they are constructed of layered strips of bone, horn, or other materials glued together to form an extremely strong and powerful bow. The composite bow is thought to have originated with the tribal nomads of Asia sometime in the first or second millennium BC.


The Composite Bowman is armed with an improved model bow, and thus much more powerful than the Archer. It can deal significant damage to other units throughout the Classical and early Medieval Eras, after which developments in armor make him obsolete. Put Composite Bowmen in your city for defense, and guard them with melee units when on the move - they're vulnerable to melee attacks.

Unique Unit Replacements

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Unitflag matatoa
Rapa Nui (Hotu Matua)
  • +1 Sight and Range
  • Can collect Manu Tara Eggs
Unitflag peltast
The Thracians (Sitalces)
  • +15% Strength Combat bonus when adjacent to an enemy
  • May move after attacking
Mali (Mansa Musa) (LastSword)
  • Heals 50HP after killing an enemy.
Unitflag tupiunit
The Tupi (Cunhambebe)
  • May indirect fire
  • Adds 2 turns to a We Love the King Day upon kill while garrisoned
  • -1 Strength Combat Strength

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