Jorji Costava
Religious Intolerance
Mercantile, Diplomatic

Cobrastan led by Jorji Costava is a custom civilization in the works by Mathetes tou Megalo Alexandrou, based upon the Papers, Please series.


Dawn of Man

Blessed be your glorious 420 rule, Jorji Costava! You are the ruler of great Cobrastan! You are among the most iconic characters of Paper, Please. You're so great that you've even created what was once the imaginary fiefdom of Cobrastan, which now has become a reality. You have made a good friend of the inspector, who have first grown tired of you but grew fond of you, and you've returned the favor by offering to help him escape to Obristan.

Now, great 420 leader, lead Cobrastan to greatness! While your trade may seem as less noble, your heart is anything but noble. Forge a great nation occupied by content, loyal citizens who know you well, and spread a comedic joy to the world. Can you bring great change to this world? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?


Cobrastan is primarily a mercantile civilization, having bonuses to actively trading with neighbors. Cobrastan is best played diplomatically, as it gains happiness from Declaration of Friendships while lacking in military bonuses.

The Smuggler also plays a part in Cobrastan's mercantile strengths: Smuggler can tour a rival's city, providing a small amount of tourism, while also causing the city to be "infiltrated," causing the city to produce more gold through trade routes. While the recipient civilization also receives more gold as well, the bonus is not only higher towards the sender, but even more so as the sender is the one that receives resource bonuses. As such, it is wise to dispatch Smugglers into border cities so that Cobrastan can profit off the trade. Keep in mind that other civilizations establishing trade routes with the city will also benefit from the bonus.

Use the extra gold to play diplomatically: Give gifts of gold to improve your relationship with other civilization, bribe them into attacking each other, and buy critical city-states that will greatly aid in the strategy chosen. Cobrastan is best suited towards a Diplomatic Victory, but the extra gold can be used to pursue other victories as well.

Unique Trait and Components

Cobrastan (Jorji Costava)

Pre-approved Passport

Mathalx Jorji Costava Icon
All units may enter rivals' territories without Open Borders. 2 Happy Global Happiness for every declaration of friendship with Cobrastan.


Mathalx Smuggler Icon

Art by Lucas Pope

(Replaces Scout)

Can be spent to plant a Smuggling Outpost.

Never goes obsolete, although an upgraded version is available at Economics. The said upgraded version has +1 Moves Movement, and may sell cargo much like the Portuguese Nau.

Smuggling Outpost

The Drug Dealer is virtually indistinguishable from a Trading Post, although it doesn't benefit from social policies such as Free Thought and Commerce finisher. Creating this improvement causes the nearest city to generate 4 Gold Gold for the trade route owner and 2 Gold Gold for the city when an international Traderoute trade route is established.

Smugglers' Den

Mathalx Smuggler Den Icon

Photo by Frank and Frances Carpenter

Replaces the Zoo. +2 Gold Gold and doesn't require maintenance unlike the Zoo. Increases the trade route range of both Land and Sea routes by 25%, and causes them to generate 1 more Gold Gold.
City List
  1. Bestburg
  2. Cobraville
  3. Vipertown
  4. Bribeland
  5. Passport Forge
  6. Cobrapolis
  7. Goodburg
  8. New Cobraville
  9. Rattlesgrove
  10. Corals Beach
  11. Cape of Good Drugs
Spy List
  1. Brigid Tenenbaum
  2. Lenina Crowne
  3. Moriya Suwako
  4. Muki Hatsune
  5. Seyrah Kerrigan
  6. Kurwa Mudakinska
  7. Jorge Nitales
  8. Anita Sarkeesian
  9. Vladimir Taltos
  10. Ripuli Paskana
  11. Rin Satsuki
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • Hi! Your country is best country! I can has approval?
    • Hi! I am Jorji Costava! I come from Cobrastan, it may not be as good as your country but it still is good country!
    • I have passport, or do I? I don't? Ok, but your country is best country so no need for passport, right?
  • Accept Deal
    • (Insert Civilization Name) is best country!
    • Thank you so much!
    • All right! You the best!
  • Reject Deal
    • This is crap.
    • You know what? Forget it.
    • (Insert Civilization Name) is worst country.
    • You worst person.

Mod Support

Unique Cultural Influence

"Our people are smoking your drugs and poorly forging passports of fictitious nations. I fear that the world will be overtaken by the influence of your culture."

Full Credits

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: January 22, 2017

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • TarcisioCM: LUA inspiration
  • Liberty: LUA inspiration
  • Lucas Pope: Intellectual Property, Smuggler Icon
  • Frank and Frances Carpenter: Smuggler Den Icon
  • Unblank Productions: Temporary Peace Theme
  • Unknown: Leader Scene
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