Castle Town
Sakurada Akane
Castle Town
Catholic/Druidism (HR)
Religious Intolerance
Creative, Philosophical


Dawn of Man

Greetings, Princess Akane of the Sakurada family daughter of Soichiro. During his reign your father decided upon demolishing the right to rule as the eldest kin, and put the right of choosing the crown to the people. This had put you, and your eight siblings in the running to rule your great nation. While even yourself might say your siblings were more able for ruling as King you were still chosen by the masses.

Sakurada. Your people have choosen you, will you guide them through this dark time as a well, and just leader? Will your family prove their powers, and become the great people of old? Will you create a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Unique Trait and Components

Castle Town (Sakurada Akane)

DY Akane Icon
Open Tanistry

Starts with Liberty Tree Opened. Receive a free Greatperson Great Person whenever Castle Town enters a new Era. The free Great Person is randomly generated from the set of base Great People available to all civilizations by default.

DY Agema Icon
Castle Town Royal Guard

(Replaces Rifleman)

Causes the city to generate Greatperson Great People 10% Faster when garrisoned.

DY Camera Icon
Castle Town Camera

(replaces Constabulary)

In addition to its default abilities, the Castle Town Camera generates 2 CultureIcon Culture and Tourism Tourism.

City List
  1. Castle Town
  2. Souichirou
  3. Aoi
  4. Kanade
  5. Shuu
  6. Hikari
  7. Haruka
  8. Misaki
  9. Teru
  10. Shiori
  11. Satsuki
Spy List
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • He-... Hel-... Hello, mine name is Princess Akane, and welcome to castle town. Don't mind the cameras. Parliament won't let me remove them.
  • Defeat
    • Y-... You might have defeated me, but my people still respect me and you will never remove that.


Castle Town led by Akane Sakurada is primarily a Cultural civilization that has an incentive to go wide. Like the sister civilization led by Akane's elder sister, Akane's Castle Town is a Greatperson Great People-driven civilization. Akane's ability grants Castle Town a random yet distinct Great Person per era, which by default includes the following:

And any mods adding a Great Person type available to all civilization and not naval will count as eligible Great Person. There are several exceptions to this: Great People that aren't set by default as an unique, but treated effectively as such are added to the list. Therefore Great People units like the Slave special unit that is a part of the iamaplayer's Nubian Civilization led by Amanishakheto can be acquired through this ability. On the other hand, Great People that are treated as an unique (mainly to prevent City-State quests) even though no other civilizations cannot acquire them normally are not eligible to be the random Great Person. As such, Great Friends that are Unique to Aoi will never be spawned by this ability. Because Naval Great People are exceptions, the trait will not grant Syrakousia (E&D Unit available to DMS's Syrakousai) even though Syrakousia is a "Great Person" of its own type.

Akane's main bonus is her unique ability that by default will often net her 3 Artistic Great People to be used to make Greatwork Great Works. This in tandem with her Cameras will grant Akane a significant sum of Tourism Tourism in the Renaissance Era, magnified by Civ IV Traits if enabled. As such, Akane's Castle Town is best suited towards a Cultural Victory, although depending on when a certain type of Great Person is received, Akane may try for any other victory type. However, Akane has no direct military bonuses whatsoever, so Akane will be vulnerable to rushes and will prove least effective in pursuing a Domination victory.

Mod Support

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
True Alternative Leaders
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions

Royal's Decree
The time to end the random nature of these campaigns is here. Through clever subliminal messages, and other "Mindwashing" ways we could make sure the next king is the most able prince or princess.
  • Player must be Sakurada Akane.
  • Must have a Castle Town Camera in all cities.
  • May only be enacted once per game
  • 50 CultureIcon Culture in standard speed.
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrates
  • The Free Great Person that would be granted through the UA becomes an instant selectable type instead.
Right of the Masses
It is time to end this. The elections were made to give the power to the people. We must abolish these practices of our royal family, and put the power back in the hand of the people!
  • Player must be Sakurada Akane.
  • Must have enacted the Royal's Decree Decision.
  • Must have discovered Radio.
  • May only be enacted once per game
  • 250 Gold Gold in standard speed.
  • 1 Magistrates Magistrates
  • Every Camera gives +3 Happy Happiness
  • Undoes the effect of the Royal's Decree

Cities In Development


  1. Hana
  2. Karen
  3. Fukushina
  4. Shirogane
  5. Yonezawa
  6. Funimation
  7. Seinen
  8. Kasuga
  9. Ayumu
  10. Houbunsha

Full Credits

Divine Yuri's Civilizations
New Civilizations
Great Perm
Alternative Leaders
America (LBJ)
IdolM@sterCastle Town DandelionRabbit House
Burger King
2016 US Presidential Election
Bernie Sanders

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