Production Cost 120
Unlocked at Horseback Riding
The Caravansary is a building available in the Classical Era.

Game Info

  • +50% Range for land Traderoute Trade Routes
  • +2 Gold Gold from land Trade Routes


As caravan routes expanded across the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa, the need for places where pack-animal caravans could pause for rest, shelter and safety grew. Public caravansaries were complexes built outside the walls of towns and cities; private ones usually took the form of walled enclosures with storerooms and sleeping quarters, stables and kitchens, surrounding a central courtyard. The largest could accommodate hundreds of camels, mules or horses. Most caravansaries provided basic supplies - for a fee - such as water, fodder, food, clothing and other supplies for the journey. The oldest recorded caravansaries were found along the Persian Empire's Royal Road, stretching some 1600 miles from Sardis to Susa.

Unique Building Replacements

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Bishop's Storehouse Deseret (Brigham Young)
  • +1 Happy Happiness.
  • +1 Food Food on Bonus Resources. Increased to +2 if this city was founded on Desert.
Cenobium Makuria (Merkurios)
  • +5 Strength City Defense
  • +25 City Health
  • Trade routes provide +1 Gold Gold for each nearby luxury resource type
  • +1 FaithIcon Faith
  • Costs 2 maintenance
Cloth Hall Burgundy (Philip III)
  • 1 Merchant Specialist.
  • +5% Greatperson Great People generation per outgoing Trade Route (up to 25%).
Divan Afghanistan (Ahmad Shah Durrani)
  • 1 Greatwork Great Work of Writing slot.
  • Receive CultureIcon Culture when a new Tile is acquired, equal to the city's CultureIcon Culture.
Humpy The Murri (Gambu Ganuurru)
  • Unlocked at The Wheel
  • +1 Faith in cities with a City Connection
  • Trade Units sent from this City have the chance to claim neutral tiles adjacent to your own territory
Pogost Novgorod (Aleksandr Nevsky)
  • +2 Gold Gold and +1 Production Production from incoming Trade Routes.
  • +50% Production Production towards Caravans and Cargo Ships.
Sabtuan The Cree (Poundmaker)
  • +1 Food Food and +3 Experience for each Trade Route with a major Civilization.
  • +17% Production Production cost (140 vs 120).
IconPNG Saraparda
Saraparda The Ghaznavids (Mahmud ibn Sabuktigin)
  • Allows Great Generals to rebase to other cities with a Saraparda
Silk Caravanseri Bactria (Eucratides I)
  • +2 Gold from incoming Trade Routes.
  • Incoming Trade Routes yield +1 Gold for their owner.