Broadcast Tower
Great Work Slots 1 Music
Production Cost 500
Maintenance 3
Unlocked at Radio
The Broadcast Tower is a building available in the Modern Era.

Game Info

Building a Broadcast Tower requires a Museum or any of its replacements.

  • +1 CultureIcon Culture
  • +33% CultureIcon Culture
  • Has 1 slot for a Greatwork Great Work of Music

With Social Policies / Tenets:

  • Media Culture (Freedom): +34% Tourism Tourism


A broadcast tower "broadcasts" a communications signal - radio, television, so forth - into the air, allowing the signal to be picked up by receivers for miles around. The most important feature of a broadcast tower is its height - the higher the receiver, the farther the signal can be sent. The Empire State Building in Manhattan has been broadcasting signals since 1931. Following the fall of the World Trade Towers in 2001, it is once again the primary broadcasting site in New York City, transmitting signals for nearly all of the city's commercial broadcasting stations.

Unique Building Replacements

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Café France (Charles de Gaulle)
  • Has 1 additional Great Work of Music slot
  • When both slots are filled, Infantry units gain +1 Sight and earn +20% Experience from combat
  • Reveals tiles adjacent to the city if under the control of another civilization

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