Civ IV Traits in Civ V[1] by Bingles is a mod that adds additional unique abilities to each civilization. Inspired by a similar mechanic in Civilization IV (known as "Traits"), the mod assigns 14 unique abilities to the existing 43 civilisation leaders, based upon their historical and in-game personalities. Many custom civilizations also feature support for this mod.

Traits List

Each civilization leader is assigned two unique abilities from the list below. These traits do not replace existing unique abilities.

Trait Effects
War Aggressive
  • -33% Military upkeep costs
  • All melee and Gun units start with free Drill I and Shock I promotions
  • +100% Production towards Barracks and Armories
Happy Charismatic
  • +1 Happiness in every city
  • +1 Happiness from every Monument, Broadcast Tower and Happiness building
  • Units gain experience 50% faster
  • +100% Production towards Colosseums and Circuses
CultureIcon Creative
  • +2 Culture per city
  • +2 Culture per 5 Population in a city
  • +100% Production towards Monuments and Amphitheaters
Influence Diplomatic
  • +2 Influence from trade routes with city states, +3 Influence if you can demand tribute
  • Once allied with a city state, the city state receives a permanent bonus to Defense, Food, Production, Science and Gold
  • +100% Production towards Caravansaries and Harbors
Food Expansive
  • +3 Food per city
  • +1 Population when founding a new city
  • +100% Production towards Granaries and Forges
Gold Financial
  • +10% Food and +10% Production in cities connected to the Capital
  • Internal Trade Routes generate +50% Food or Production
  • City connections generate 50% more gold
  • +100% Production towards Aquaducts and Stables
Citystate Imperialistic
  • +100% Great General and Admiral birth rate
  • +4 Happiness per general and admiral and +2 Happiness from Courthouses
  • +100% Production towards Courthouses and +25% Production towards military land units
Production Industrious
  • +50% Production when building wonders
  • +1 Production from Specialists
  • +100% Production towards Workshops and Stone Works
Science Inventive
  • +2 Science per city
  • +1 Science per Specialist
  • 25% of base Production is added to Science
  • +100% Production towards Libraries and Watermills
Trade Mercantile
  • +1 Gold per luxury resource worked by a city (increases to +2 Gold after researching Economics)
  • Markets, Banks and Stock Exchanges generate 50% more gold
  • +100% Production towards Markets and Mints
Greatperson Philosophical
  • +100% generation of Great People
  • +1 Culture and +50% Tourism from Great Works
  • +100% Production towards Universities and Gardens
Strength Protective
  • +50% City range attack strength when a unit is garrisoned
  • +15% Strength for units in friendly territory
  • +100% Production towards Walls and Castles
Great Explorer Seafaring
  • Building Lighthouses provide 1 free Workboat
  • Building a Harbor in the Capital provides 1 free Cargo Ship and 1 additional trade route
  • All Military naval units receive the Seafaring Promotion*
  • +100% Production towards Lighthouses and +25% Production towards military naval units
* First has +1 Movement. In the Classical Era, it receives +1 sight. In the Medieval Era, it gets +10% attack. In the Renaissance Era, it gets +10% Defense. For the next 4 eras it repeats until it is +2/+2/+20%/+20%.
FaithIcon Spiritual
  • +1 Faith per city
  • +1 Faith per 5 citizens in a city (bonus doubles after discovering Theology)
  • +100% Production towards Shrines and Temples

Notes and References

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