The Battleship is a Naval Ranged unit available in the Modern Era.


Battleships are large, heavily armored warships equipped with multiple guns of the largest caliber. They are direct linear descendants of the ships of the line of the Age of Sail, equipped to do battle with the enemy's largest warships. In the days before air power and submarines battleships ruled the waves, able to sink anything else afloat. Their extremely powerful guns can be used as artillery as well, sending huge missiles miles inland. Despite their size, speed, armor and firepower, battleships were extremely vulnerable to both air and submarine attack. At Pearl Harbor Japanese planes flying from aircraft carriers sank four American battleships and heavily damaged four more. This convinced the Allies of the primacy of the aircraft carrier as an offensive weapon, and battleships were relegated to shore bombardment and carrier escort duties for much of the rest of the war.


The Battleship is the main ship of the modern fleet, mighty both when attacking with its long-range cannons, and when defending in melee. Its batteries use the same principle as the Artillery, allowing it to launch shells 3 tiles away and to bombard far inland, as well as attack cities outside their defensive perimeter. Also, its indirect fire ability allows it to bombard targets it cannot see (as long as other friendly units can see them). As such, the Battleship is your main damage-dealer in the seas until the Information Era.

The Battleship is vulnerable to air and submarine attacks (althoughBombers that attack it do get a penalty versus naval units). These weaknesses may be minimized by accompanying the Battleships with Submarines or Destroyers and a Carrier, equipped withFighters. This practically creates a naval task force, very similar to real life.

Use the Submarines and Destroyers to see and attack enemy subs (the Battleship can hit the submarines if they are seen by another unit, because of their Indirect Fire) and the Fighters to intercept enemy Bombers. Move the group to the enemy coast, then use the Battleships and Bombers to lay waste to its cities from a safe distance!

Unique Unit Replacements

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Andrea Doria Italy (Victor Emmanuel III)
  • Combat bonus in friendly territory.
  • Enemy Naval Units beginning their turn within two tiles of this Unit must expend 2 extra Moves Moves per turn.
Unitflag dreadnought
United Kingdom (Churchill)
  • Unlocked at Replaceable Parts.
  • +8 Strength Combat Strength.
  • +8 Ranged Strength.
  • Ignores enemy zones of control.
  • Costs 1 additional Gold maintenance.
Littorio Italy (Mussolini)
  • +40 Production Production cost.
  • Begins with Coastal Raider 1.
  • +20% Strength Defense against Ranged Attacks.
Majestic United Kingdom (George V)
  • Unlocked at Replaceable Parts.
  • Begins with Targeting 1 and 2.
  • +5 Strength Combat Strength.
  • +5 Ranged Strength.
Unitflag mikasa
Japan (Meiji)
  • Unlocked at Replaceable Parts.
  • Combat bonus in friendly territory.
  • Yields Golden Age points during construction (equal to Production output).
JFD SwdenOscarIconAtlas 256
Unitflag tordenskjold
Sweden-Norway (Oscar II)
  • May build and repair Fishing Boats and Offshore Platforms without being consumed.
  • +25% Defensive bonus.
  • -25% Offensive penalty.
Unitflag yamato
Japan (Tojo)
  • +50% Combat Strength vs Cities.
  • May carry 2 Fighter units.
  • -1 Movement.

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