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Azerbaijan led by Rasulzade is a custom civilization by DJSHenninger[1].

This mod requires Brave New World.



The location of human and pre-human habitation that dates back two million years, remnants of Azerbaijan's history include Bronze Age petroglyphs and medieval structures. In modern times, it was the first Muslim-majority country to have operas, theater, and plays. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) also established on May 28, 1918, was the first secular Muslim-majority country built on the principles of a western style democracy with a constitution that granted equal rights to all citizens, including voting right for women. That entity, however, existed only for 23 months as it was invaded and incorporated into the Soviet Union by the Red Army under the name Azerbaijan SSR. At the verge of the Soviet Union's collapse, ethnic strife in Nagorno-Karabakh and Moscow's indifference to the conflict resulted in calls for independence and secession, which culminated in Black January. Subsequently, the ADR's flag was restored as the state flag and, following that, the modern Republic of Azerbaijan emerged as a successor to Azerbaijan SSR on October 18, 1991.


Mammad Amin Rasulzade was an Azerbaijani statesman, scholar, public figure and the first and only president of Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (1918–1920). His expression "The flag once raised will never fall!" has become the motto of the independence movement in Azerbaijan in the 20th century.

Dawn of Man

"Your people welcome you to their nation, Rasulzade! You are practically the father of the nation, the one who longed for independence and eventually succeeded in granting the Azerbaijanis their own country. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic did not last long, as it collapsed within two years. But you did not give up so easily. Your struggle for independence after 1920 was remarkable. Your expression, "The flag, once raised, will never fall!", became the motto of the 20th century independence movement in Azerbaijan. You hoped for Azerbaijan to become independent once more. Unfortunately, you did not see this happen in your lifetime, but Azerbaijan did gain independence and the people expressed their thanks to you by building many memorials.

The people of Azerbaijan call for you help once more! They need a leader like you: one who does not give up so easily and fights till the bitter end. Will you build up a magnificent empire, take your rightful place in this world and bring wealth and prosperity? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Azer diplo

Leaderscene by DJSHenninger

Introduction: "I welcome you to my nation, Azerbaijan. I am Mammad Rasulzade, the leader."

Introduction: "You stand in Baku, the grand capital of Azerbaijan. I welcome you as a friend.. or should I challenge you as your foe?"

Defeat: "The flag, once raised, will never fall! And the flag has been raised.. Remember that!"

Defeat: "You cannot stop us. No one can stop us."



Unique Attributes

Azerbaijan (Rasulzade)

Art by DJSHenninger

The Land of Fire

Start with a free Artist's Guild in the Capital Capital. Food Luxuries provide +1 CultureIcon Culture. The Musician's Guild is available after researching Guilds.

Does not yet include Cocoa, but does include More Luxuries.


Art by DJSHenninger

Ashik (Great Musician)
  • May be upgraded to a Great Writer for 10 Gold Gold
  • Concert Tour rewards a higher amount of Tourism Tourism

Art by DJSHenninger

Carpet-Weaving School (Workshop)
  • No maintenance cost
  • +1 Gold Gold per Aesthetics Policy
  • +10% Tourism Tourism after finishing Aesthetics
  • +25% Production Production Cost
  • No Engineer Slot


Peace Theme War Theme
Azerbaijan National Anthem - Azərbaycan Marşı (Instrumental)02:13

Azerbaijan National Anthem - Azərbaycan Marşı (Instrumental)

Europa Universalis IV OST Ride Forth Victoriously03:35

Europa Universalis IV OST Ride Forth Victoriously

"Azerbaijan National Anthem - Azərbaycan Marşı (Instrumental)" "Ride Forth Victoriously" by Andreas Waldetoft for the soundtrack of Europa Universalis IV.

Mod Support

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Unique Cultural Influence

"Our people are now walking on your carpets and eating your desserts. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

List of Cities

City List
  1. Baku
  2. Ganja
  3. Sumqayit
  4. Mingachevir
  5. Xirdalan
  6. Shirvan
  7. Shaki
  8. Yevlakh
  9. Lankaran
  10. Jalilabad
  11. Masally
  12. Shamkir
  13. Agdam
  14. Khachmaz
  15. Tovuz
  16. Quba
  17. Sabirabad
  18. Barda
  19. Aghjabadi
  20. Salyan
  21. Zaqatala
  22. Yevlakh
  23. Fizuli
  24. Imishli
  25. Goychay
  26. Kurdamir
  27. Agdash
  28. Astara
  29. Tartar
  30. Goranboy
  31. Gadabay
  32. Balakan
  33. Shamakhi
  34. Qazakh

Full Credits List

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 20 May 2014

  • Andreas Waldetoft: War Theme.
  • DonStamos: Music Suggestions.
  • DJSHenninger: Author.

Notes and References

  1. Additional Civilizations (by DJSHenninger)

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